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Fathia Balogun speaks on her crashed marriage

Popular Nollywood actress, Fathia Balogun, has spoken about the crash of her marriage to Ex husband, Saheed Balogun, saying she went through a lot while married to him. She said her biggest challenge was when her marriage crashed. The mother of two who has now changed her name to Fathia Williams said she had not been lucky with marriage. In an interview with Goldmynetv ,the actress revealed she is not officially divorced as the case is still processed in court. When asked if there was a possibility of getting back together as there has been rumors that they were back, ... Read more

Ex-husband of 72-Yr-old British Grandma Married to Nigerian, 27, BREAKS SILENCE

MR. DONALD NEATE, ex-husband of the 72-year-old British grandmother of six, who married a Nigerian man 45 years her junior, says she will “have to deal with the consequences” of her action at some point. Neate, 71, is quoted by the Daily Mail of London, as also calling her “quite gullible”. He said Mrs.Angela Nwachukwu has “got herself into a problem that she will have to deal with.” Mrs Nwachukwu, from Weymouth, Dorset, is fighting for a visa for new husband CJ Nwachukwu, 27, who she married three months after he added her on Facebook and struck up a conversation. ... Read more

How My Pastor Impregnated Me – Woman Cries Out On Radio

A House wife in Ondo Mrs. Omotola Akerele has accused her pastor, Mathew Olakunle of having sex with her when she was undergoing spiritual healing in his church thereby getting her pregnant. The 32-year old woman, while narrating her ordeal in the hands of pastor Olakunle said she got pregnant as a result of having sex with the pastor which she later aborted without the consent of her husband. She further alleged that Olakunle, who was the head of the Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Itura in Iju town, Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State, was fond of praying ... Read more

My jobless husband Only Wants Sex, More Children – Woman Cries Out In Court

A 25-year-old woman, Fatimo Akinwunmi, has prayed an Agege Customary Court to end her four-year-old marriage to her husband, Sadiq Akinwumi. Fatimo told the court there was no love lost in the marriage but constant battery. Fatimo, a 200 level undergraduate of NTI, Kaduna, and an indigene of Oyo and a mother of one, resides at Fadahunsi St., Okeira, Aguda -Ogba in Lagos. She told the court “My husband constantly beats me and no longer cares for me and our child.’’ The petitioner alleged that her husband was no longer in support of her quest for higher education, as he ... Read more

Undergraduate, 25, Seeks Dissolution Of 4-year-old Marriage Over Constant Battery

By Oluwatope Lawanson   Lagos   –     A 25-year-old undergraduate, Fatimo Akinwunmi, on Thursday, begged an Agege Customary Court to dissolve her four-year-old marriage to her husband, Sadiq Akinwumi, over alleged lack of love and constant battery. Fatimo, an indigene of Oyo and a mother of one, resides at Fadahunsi St., Okeira, Aguda-Ogba in Lagos. In her petition before the court, she said: “my husband constantly beats me and no longer cares for me and our child’’. The petitioner, a 200-level student of the National Teachers Institute, Kaduna, alleged that the respondent was no longer in support of ... Read more

45-year-old Man Slumps, Dies After Having Sex With His Lover In Abuja

A 45-year-old man slumped and died last Sunday after having sex with his girlfriend at her apartment in War College Estate, Gwarimpa, Abuja. A police source said the deceased visited his girlfriend identified only as Bridget at about 10:00a.m. and was preparing to leave after they made love. The woman, who reported the matter at the police station, said she was in the bathroom when her lover slumped and died. The Gwarinpa Divisional Police Officer, CSP Nuruddeen Sabo, said the woman was in custody and the body has been taken to Asokoro District Hospital for autopsy. Investigation is ongoing, he ... Read more

Indecent Dressing Responsible For Increased Rape Incidents – Islamic Group

  The Islamic Group Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has blamed indecent dressing for the increase in rape cases in women. This was highlighted in a statement released by the group in response to a protest on rape staged by another group War Against Rape (WAR), Punch reports. Members of WAR had staged the protest at the office of the Lagos Governor, Akinwumi Ambode, decrying the increase in rape cases in the state. President of MURIC, Ishaq Akintola said in the statement that the protest was a waste of time. The statements reads, “Rape is on the increase mainly because moral ... Read more

You Want To Increase Your S£x Drive? Try These 10 Foods

By Joy Gold, PureGreenSpa Here are 10 foods that have been considered aphrodisiacs at one time or another: ?1. Chili peppers “Capsaicin” A chemical that stimulates our nerve endings and raises our pulse, is responsible for the “heat” in chili peppers. This aphrodisiac food is also thought to release endorphins, which give our bodies a natural high. Some researchers believe that is the case with all “hot” foods. ?2. Garlic Is another example of these aphrodisiac foods.Truffles The Greeks and the Romans considered the rare Truffle to be an aphrodisiac. Black truffles are popular through fall and winter and may ... Read more

Confession: An Office S£x Affair

I woke up when Biola started stirring in the bed next to me. Sunlight was streaming through the picture window on the east wall warming the bed and causing the strands of her hair to glisten. She was slowly sitting up when I opened my eyes. “Sorry,” she said softly. “I didn’t mean to wake you.” The bed sheet fell away from her body as she leaned to kiss me. Her full, N@kkd bre@.$ts loomed inches from my feet. Biola rarely bothered to wear anything to bed when she was sleeping over. “What time is it?” I asked. “A little ... Read more

Cheater’s Confession: The Flight Back Home

The flight back to Naija from NYC was only half full that night. We filed into the cabin and went through the usual routines of cramming more luggage than was technically permitted into the overhead compartments and under the seats. With so few people, however, there was plenty of space for everyone as well as all their belongings. I moved towards the back of the plane, away from most everyone else, and took a seat in the last aisle, by the window. I like to watch the nightlights of the cities below me. I find it’s hard to sleep in ... Read more

Things Guys Share With Their Besties When They Are Serious About You

If he’s serious about you, he’ll be talking to his friends about it Do men gossip as much as women do? Do they discuss their girlfriends with their besties? There’s a common notion that men discuss only S3@.x:’ but that’s not true. If your guy is serious about you, he keeps you on a pedestal and respects you. He will surely not discuss anything nasty about you with his friends nor tolerate any jokes about you. Here are a few things they discuss with their besties: You are now the most beautiful person for him and he can’t stop talking ... Read more

Lovemaking Tip: Eat Raisins To Increase Your S3xual Drive

ABUJA – Raisins are magical! Besides being tagged as one of the most popular dry fruits in India, they also belong to the group of aphrodisiacs. Since ancient times, they have been used to treat S3@.x:’ual weaknesses. Raisins are known to stimulate libido and induce S3@.x:’ual arousal. This is primarily due the amino acid called Arginine, which is helpful in treating erectile dysfunction. It is a common practice in India to make the bride and the groom drink a glass of milk each, boiled with raisins and added with a pinch of saffron on their wedding night. Raisins also provide ... Read more

Street hawker, 36, docked for assaulting,threatening ex-wife over child’s custody

By Ngozi Njoku Lagos – An Ogudu Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Friday granted a bail of N30, 000 to a man, who allegedly beat his ex-wife  and threatened to shoot her over his child’s custody. The court also gave the accused two reliable sureties in like sum, one of who must be a blood relation with an evidence of gainful employment. Omomu, a street hawker residing at Agric in Ikorodu area of Lagos, is facing assault and threatening violence charges to which he has pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor, Sgt. Ihiehie Lucky, told the court that the case was ... Read more

I have not heard nor seen my husband since 2006, woman tells court

Lagos – A 42-year-old teacher, Mrs Imabong Akwaoku, on Tuesday asked the Alimosho Customary Court in Lagos, to dissolve her 20-year-old marriage, due to alleged abandonment. The mother of three told the court that her husband, Patrick, ran away from their home since 2006 and up till now, had refused to come back. “My husband disappeared from the house 10 years ago to an unknown destination, he refused to either call or come home to see me and his children,’’ she said. She told the court that her husband ran away from home because of an alleged fraud in his ... Read more

American couple die minutes apart after 63 years of marriage

San Francisco – An American couple married for over six decades has proven that even death is not strong enough to keep the loved ones separated. A report on Tuesday in San Francisco said that Henry and Jeanette De-Lange, who married 63 years ago, both died last Sunday within 20 minutes in the same room at a nursing home in the state of South Dakota. The nursing home said that 87-year-old Jeantte, had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and had been living in the nursing home since 2011, while her husband, 86-year-old Henry, visited her everyday. It said that after ... Read more

Men who ‘graze’ nearer to home!

IT was a most harrowing day with the traffic and Rebecca thought she couldn’t handle more stress as she made her way to one of the high-rise complexes she lived in with her family. It was night already but thank goodness there was electricity. love As she moved wearily towards the lift, she saw the typical ‘out of order’ sign and she nearly wept with frustration. She lived on the ninth floor! She took her time climbing the stairs until she got to the fourth floor. She met a group of housewives discussing in the corridor and all of a ... Read more

How se’x traffickers in Malaysia and Thailand use Facebook to lure victims

The traffickers would lure women to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by promising them work in restaurants, spas, and karaoke bars, Thai police Lt. Col. Komvich Padhanarath told the AP. Once the women arrived, they were forced into sex work. The Malaysian man, Kheng Hsiang Low, and the two Thai women face charges of human trafficking, forced prostitution, and participating in a transnational crime network, the AP reported. Mr. Komvich said in the last five years, they have trafficked six women. Thailand’s Department of Special Investigations worked with Liberty Alliance anti-trafficking organizations Freeland and Exodus Road to catch the trio. “This case ... Read more

Top S£x Positions for Every Type of Orgasm

It’s no secret that having sex is good for your overall health. It can boost your mood, strengthen your immune system, help relieve stress, ease aches and pains, burn calories and more. But while plenty of women are doing themselves a world of good by having safe, regular sex, not all of them are reaching climax. A recent study by researchers at the University of Central Lancashire immune system,and the University of Leeds found that the majority of women—around 80 percent—admitted to faking an orgasm. It might be to please their partners; speed up sex because of discomfort, time limitations ... Read more

De-Stress Your S£x Life

As women age, their sex drive can change. Decreased interest and enjoyment are two major complaints associated with this change. Before you write these changes off to fluctuations in your hormone levels, you should appreciate a very special mind-body connection that directly influences your sexuality. It’s how you worry, fret, and become anxious about your daily life. That’s right, how you perceive your life can influence your interest in sex. How does this happen? When a women feels that she is out of control in any aspect of her life, she can feel hopeless, helpless, and ultimately defeated. Animal studies ... Read more

S£x and Your Teen

Today, nearly 70 percent of all high school seniors engage in sexual intercourse before graduating, one in eight contracts a sexually transmitted disease (STD) each year and more than 80 percent of all STD cases occur among those under 29. And, an estimated one in five adolescent girls has an STD and doesn’t know it. If you’re a parent – even if your child is still in diapers – I bet you’re white-knuckled with fear right about now. Don’t be. The good news on the youth and STD front is that regardless of what you might think, parents still play ... Read more

5 things a woman should not do for love

By Chinenye Ugonna ‎ When some women fall in love, they fall hard. Women are naturally compassionate and loving by nature. With these characteristics, we get criticized sometimes or taken for granted. As much as we know how difficult relationships might be, some of these emotions are overridden by men, which lead to bad break-ups. Here are some things you should not do solely because you are in love with a man. 1. Don’t beg for love Some women just don’t know when to stop. You fall in love with a man and it turns out he does not love ... Read more

What’s REALLY Causing Your Low S£x Drive?

It’s the end of a long day and your partner wants to have sex. You’re so not into it and cite sheer exhaustion as yourlibido-squashing culprit. But truth be told, many women aren’t always as primed for sex as they’d like to be. In fact, for up to one-third of adult women, low sexual desire is achronic problem that interferes with their quality of life. Despite how common it is, this condition—known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD)—is not well-known or understood. According to a recent survey supported by HealthyWomen and Palatin Technologies, Inc. [Editor’s note: Palatin Technologies, Inc., is ... Read more

What Coffee Can Do For Your S£x Life

Coffee perks millions of Americans up each morning, and a new study finds it might help keep men’s sex lives percolating, too. The study, from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, found that men who consume more caffeine each day had a lower risk of erectile dysfunction. The exception? Men with diabetes — for them, extra caffeine didn’t lower their odds for impotence, the researchers said. “Even though we saw a reduction in the prevalence of erectile dysfunction with men who were obese, overweight and hypertensive, that was not true of men with diabetes. Diabetes is one ... Read more

Most Women Are NOT Satisfied With Their S£x Lives

We’re urging women to make their health—all aspects of their health—a priority. This includes sexual health.  According to a recent survey, not only are 80 percent of women putting their health last—after their children, spouses and even pets—but 62 percent of women admitted to not being satisfied with their sex lives.  Sexual satisfaction, despite what some may think, is part of overall health. The benefits of sex go way beyond the obvious. Sex can boost your immunity and mood and decrease your stress level. Reaching an orgasm increases the benefits of sex even more, thanks to the release of the ... Read more

10 Things Ladies Do On Social Media That Show They Are Runs Girls

I know that many will storm on this thread with a tumultuous reaction saying “OP, I do all these but I’m not a runs girl. YES you may not be a runs girl but the truth of the matter is that, most often than not, when a lady is caught doing many of these things, she’s gradually evolving into a runs girl.   Uploading Bosoms/Buttocks Revealing Pictures I think this should top the list. They upload pictures revealing the half part of their bosoms, laps and buttocks to viewers because they know it will definitely catch their fancy. This is ... Read more

14 realities every couple faces after the one-day break-up

“Don’t talk to me.” “I said, don’t talk to me ever again you f*cking dick.” “Oh wow, you’re so f*cking pathetic.” “Oh yeah, f*ck you.” “Don’t talk to me. I don’t want to see you again.” “We’re done.” Sound familiar? Are you cringing as you read the words, reminded of your own hostility and (most likely) overreaction? Are you thinking about those embarrassing sobs to your friends over what a dick he is? Are you scorning yourself for acting like such a dramatic idiot who told everyone you were breaking up, only to get back together hours later? Don’t be. ... Read more

5 Fool Proof Rules For A Healthy Argument With Your Spouse

My husband and I, along with the help of my mom, came up with 5 rules for a healthy argument with your partner. 1. Know your partner’s “conflict language”. Thanks to author Gary Chapman, some of us are aware of our spouses love language. However, are you aware of how your partner effectively handles conflict? Maybe they need a moment alone to refrain from saying something they’ll regret, or maybe they want to handle the problem immediately, so you guys can enjoy the rest of the day. Knowing your partner’s “conflict language” may be 50% of the battle. 2. No ... Read more

The 9 Most Overlooked Threats To Your Marriage

I feel bad for marital communication, because it gets blamed for everything. For generations, in survey after survey, couples have rated marital communication as the number one problem in marriage. It’s not … Marital communication is getting a bad rap. It’s like the kid who fights back on the playground. The playground supervisors hear a commotion and turn their heads just in time to see his retaliation. He didn’t create the problem; he was reacting to the problem. But he’s the one who gets caught, so he’s sent off to the principal’s office. Or, in the case of marital communication, ... Read more

6 kinds of s£x you have when you’re in a committed relationship

Sex is such a diverse thing; there’s no right way to have it and no one way that everyone is doing it. It’s different every time you partake, and I think that’s what’s so wonderful about it. Even when you’re in a relationship, the sex is not the same all the time. Even if you’re with someone forever, the sex doesn’t stay the same. It grows and changes along with your relationship and you. It surprises you with something new around every corner. While there are probably a billion ways to have sex, here are six different ways you have ... Read more

How to think like a girl and get her

Men and women don’t think along the same lines, especially during the wooing game. Find out how to think like a woman and get the girl to like you. Thinking like a woman may seem confusing, but it really isn’t. If you can indulge her by thinking the way she wants you to think, and get her to like you for it, isn’t that worth a try? Understanding how to think like a woman is an easy winner in getting a girl, but you really have to learn to think like a girl and not behave like one! [pro_ad_display_adzone id=”70560″] You ... Read more

15 Signs To Know If You Are Dating A Covert Prostitute

There is still the danger of being conned by your beautiful girlfriend who could be a covert prostitute or have a history of indulging in it. There are certain signs that must be kept in mind to identify such women, because such women isn’t really the type you’d be looking for, especially when it comes to seeking loyalty within a relationship. Her loyalties are basically reserved for the highest bidder; and if you fail to bid consistently, you’ll lose her in the end. Even women who haven’t prostituted themselves can exhibit these traits outlined below. Technically they may not be prostitutes, ... Read more

9 naughty tips for a weekend of orgasmic-S£x

It’s going to be a long weekend for everyone as we celebrate the Worker’s Day (Labour Day). From May 1 you will have all the time in your hands to romp and tumble the bed sheets as much as you like. A tragedy it would be if you let that long weekend go to waste and you don’t get some fun with your loved one before Monday comes calling again. Workaholics now have an opportunity to give their lovers the ‘orgasm of a life-time’ that their busy schedules would now allow them to give, from Thursday night through Monday morning… ... Read more

5 Things women always hide from men

From what is known of peeking into most women’s diaries, the life of a woman seems synonymous with the life of a secret. What goes on inside a girl’s mind usually fails to agree with her heart, leading her to hide a few things, not because she’s afraid, but because she loves those things in her personal space. A survey carried out on a social media website asked women – single and committed – ‘what would you hide from your boyfriend’? At first, the responses were few and far between. Most women refrained from opening up about their hidden secrets, ... Read more


Being creative in bed will keep your partner happy to an extent, so skip the missionary sex style for this week and go wild and dirty with your lover. Do you want to go on a sex adventure with your lover? If yes, then why not start by removing the boring from your sex life and get things a little spiced up with some daring sex styles? [pro_ad_display_adzone id=”10″] Create new heights of orgasms with your lover with these seven Monday-to-Sunday sex styles.By the time you’re done, you’ll be walking the clouds with your lover Here we go: Fusion Bend ... Read more

7 signs that show you desperately need love and scx

We Humans are social species in need of other humans to be complete. Existing in isolation, there is often this emptiness that is more often than not only‘occupiable’ by that one special person or persons. This is the reasons we have relationships, marriages, communities and dealings with others. However, we sometimes find ourselves drifting away from others, deliberately or as a result of social constraints (and work) until loneliness and depression set in. Truth is, everyone — even the most independent of humans, needs human companionship. You may be a busy man or woman, chasing the Naira bills from airport ... Read more

5 Ways you can prevent your man from cheating on you!

I know you shouldn’t have to keep your man from cheating. But preventative medicine never hurt anybody. I always say that to some degree men are just as faithful as their options. If you leave a man with fewer options, he is less likely to cheat on you. 1. Give him some good love – If a man knows he can get it better at home he won’t be so anxious to find it somewhere else. Obviously this is a two way street and you should expect him to give you good love too. When I say love I don’t ... Read more

10 Signs your man is using you and waiting to break up with you..‎

‘Is my boyfriend is using me?’ I’ve actually been asked this question many times by women, and they’ll also want to know the signs that a man is using you. Then, the first thing I’ll usually ask them is this; ‘How do you FEEL about it?’ For often, the actual feeling that you’re being used by a man is a major telling sign in itself. So, if you have the actual feeling that you’re being used by a man, your feeling is probably spot on! Far too often women either ignore their intuition or deny/repress their feelings. They definitely need ... Read more

How to know if your boyfriend is gay

Here are the pointers, in no particular order, to finding out if you are dating a wide-bottomed man. How often does he use the words “Fabulous”? 1. He thinks Justin Bieber is the best thing since Agbalumo Juice:  If your boyfriend is consistently listening to Justin Bieber’s songs, has Justin Bieber’s photo (even one is enough) in his picture folder or (much worse) has ever had Justin Bieber on his wallpaper, well, sis, I’m sorry. That dude just don’t swing the way you swingin’ 2. He has a pink singlet: I am so horrified, I won’t even talk about that ... Read more

7 crazy sex facts that will surprise you

Think you know everything there is to know about sex? Think again. OKCupid published a series of infographics, showing the quirkiest (and craziest) sex trends among their large user base. Here are seven of the most insane ones: Old men love rough sex: According to the finding, bachelors begin to prefer rough sex to the regular one, as they age. Fifty percent of men aged 60 like it rough, compared to just 10 percent of men aged 25. For women, it’s the other way around. The higher your school tuition, the higher your sex drive: Private school and Ivy League ... Read more

2 penis types men have… Grower or Shower, identify yours

Men love their penises and take pride in the size and their skill in using it to please their women. But even more than men can ever love their penises, the women who indeed, in the real sense of it, ‘own’ and ‘need’ it. Many a man has been left in search of a bigger penis just to please a woman while many women have also moved on to another man because they were not satisfied with the penis they last had. But do people know the types of penises? Well, Wha’anda is here to enlighten you. There are two ... Read more