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​How Sen. David Umaru is Bungling the Gbagyi Chances


By BM Dzukogi

Senator David Umaru has continued to prove that he is truly a political neophyte despite his relatively good standing on the Niger state political turf, and this is not good for the gbagyis and himself; it is not appealing to some of us who think his seeming activism could be a source for pushing further, the political wealth of his people thereby attracting to Niger state additional opportunities.

While a good politics has a semblance to personal conviction in one’s belief, such position, most of the time gives way to group needs. You cannot get stuck in a non-workable ideology of non-alignment while carrying the peoples’ torch. It is better to surrender such insignia because, in politics, the holder is not the owner.

You laboured over the years to become governor which didn’t materialise. I, for one, acknowledge such efforts as vital contributions to the growth of democratic culture in Niger state. Therefore, like many others of 2015, who clung to Buhari and arrived safely at their destinations, the episode should have marked your change of strategy of political exclusivity to that of accommodation and tolerance.

Your days with Talba; the former governor was as awkward as it is with Abu Lolo now. Nothing joins you with your fellow party members and party. Imagine, a Senator of the federal republic has nothing to do with his state governor when in the actual spirit of democracy they are supposed to collaborate to draw federal and private sector to the state or to GBAGYI land.

During Talba, the gbagyis didn’t need David Umaru to enjoy opportunities. Talba grew with them, so, the gbagyis were going to get their ways, anyway. Indeed they got their fair share. 

Senator David Umaru ought to be leading the current Senators and members of reps from Niger state, and possibly, providing direction for them, for Niger. Now, see how mysterious and amoebic the Zone A Senator has remained. Such wanderers needed your guide. Imagine if it were Senator Idris Kuta or Awaisu who flew with Buhari, one or two gbagyis should have gotten up there by now, Niger state would have presented a solid force, up there. And my friend; Abu Bawa Bwari who is a minister hasn’t helped the cause either. He is so quite in the state. Well, you, Mr David, in my opinion, is far ahead of Abu Bwari in terms of presence because I have seen your numerous works. The summary of Abu Bwari’s political excursion is simply a mystery we are unable to decipher. Its stealthy nature is a great bewilderment. And the conclusion appears to be that, he is on the wanted list of the gbagyis and Minna. The both of you, high up there, ought to have led a combine force for the benefit of Niger, especially Zone B. Do you wonder why I am bothered? I am a Minna boy, who is going nowhere.

If I were Senator David Umaru, I would have read the solidarity of folks at home for Buhari and use it as his engine for political alignment and operation, at least for now. What does it take him to understand this? You can break free, someday. But, he is not with the governor, he is not with Buhari, he is not with politicians of his scale from Niger, therefore, he is not with Nigerlites. Haba, Mr. David, this is a poor posture. This is not politics.

Evidently, you are on the verge of losing 2019 in APC if you are contesting for the same position. And you have broken the sea into two for Hon. Bmitosai to walk freely to the promised land. Once Abu Lolo does a cabinet reshuffle that features the gbagyis, next year, you are dead in Niger APC. He hasn’t declared but I know he will. I think Bmitosai will be a good substitute. He has the social configuration that the Nigerian political environment and followers demand of contestants. You lack it; you love to be alone.

I don’t know who is contesting in PDP. But should Talba decide to come around again to slug it out with you, in the event that you picked the APC version, he would beat you flat, I must say. 

The gbagyis have been the losers in this three years of your politics of non-accommodation. You need to change, it is a game of diversity. 

See the Nupes going: civil defence and police and others. In fact, you are supposed to be a partner to IGP and Civil Defence man to attract opportunities for the gbagyis. The whole thing is not about you; it is about the opportunities for the young gbagyi folks. Once again, I am concerned because I am a Minna boy. I ain’t going anywhere, my children too. 

Be advised, dear solo runner. 

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