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​Killer Herdsmen: Bruce and the Market Called Senate


By Ken Tadaferua

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) I just watched a video clip of Senator Ben Bruce on the Senate floor, urging the federal government to do something about the terrifying spectacle of murderous herdsmen and foreign mercenaries wiping out whole communities. 
It was a fiery speech. I think more senators and reps ought be concerned about the menace and to draw full attention to it before Nigeria is engulfed in flames.
But I also noticed that while Bruce was up standing and speaking, there were folks crisscrossing the chambers, walking to and fro, opening and closing doors, some senators gisting with no ear for the speech being made. In fact, a market scene of distracting rowdiness. Is that how the “hallowed” hall of the Senate should run. Is there no House rule that compels all to sit, listen and be in quiet conduct while any member of the House is up standing and addressing new national issues. Is that not the primary reason the senators are there? 

There has to be exemplary seriousness of purpose and display of matured personage from the place.

Source: Facebook

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