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​The Igbo Presidency Propaganda 


By Kelechi Jeff Eme
ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Only puerile minds will even dream of such infantile propaganda under APC in 2023. They should dig up better propaganda materiasl. 
In their ‘Ofe Nsala’ induced minds, Osinbajo will go home to sleep after 8 years as Vice President? 

The South West despite being the strongest ally of Buhari in the South and strongest hold of APC will simply dash the presidency to South East? 
Politics doesn’t work that way. It’s about sowing and reaping. The South West sowed in Buhari and APC at the time the South East refused to even consider tilling the land. 

Most of those propagating the South East 2023 absurdity were vociferous in calling APC a Muslim/Northern party in 2015.
The truth is that the fear of Atiku has induced so much fear into the rank and file of Buhari supporters that cooking up any thrash is now their occupation. 
Atiku is ready to send President Buhari back to Daura. Deal with the reality. 

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