1 in 5 newborn deaths preventable with safe water – Experts

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By By Lexi Elo

Half a million die annually first month of life because of unhygienic conditions, development charity, WaterAid said on Tuesday as launched a child health campaign.

“The links between dirty hands, dirty water and infant mortality have been known about for over 150 years so this is not a situation waiting for an answer, but an injustice waiting for action,” said WaterAid Chief Executive Barbara Frost.

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five newborns who die the developing world could have been saved simply by being washed in clean water and cared for in a clean by people who had washed hands, WaterAid said in a report.

The report coincides with new U.N. data showing 38 percent of health in 54 developing countries do not have access to supplies of clean water. Nearly a fifth lack toilets and than a third do not have anywhere for staff or patients to wash hands with soap, according to the World Health Organization.

WaterAid said the figures were all the shocking because the water supply for defined as having access to water be to 500 metres away rather than piped in. The two come as the decides on new targets to replace the Millennium Development Goals which expire this year.

WaterAid called for a dedicated goal to deliver water and sanitation to everyone, everywhere by 2030. added that a baby in sub-Saharan Africa was 30 times likely to die of an infection within the first month of life than a baby in the developed world.

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Globally, in 10 people do not have safe water and 39 percent lack proper sanitation. However, WaterAid has tasked governments to ensure that water, sanitation and hygiene services are embedded in all plans for reducing newborn deaths.

All healthcare should have clean running water, sinks with soap in all birthing rooms and patient toilets, added.