1 year after: Helicopter crash greatly strengthened my faith – Osinbajo

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ABUJA – Vice President Yemi , has said that helicopter crash which he involved in last year has greatly strengthened his faith.

stated this during thanksgiving at Villa chapel in Abuja, celebrating his survival and 11 others tragedy a year ago.

Agusta Westland W 139 helicopter conveying 12 of them crashed in Kabba area of during 2019 .

accompanied by his wife, Dolapo, family members and his aides, including some of those who were him when the occurred.

He explained that the incident so miraculous and despite the crash, none of the occupants had a scratch.

“What happened on that occasion was so amazing, so miraculous; 12 of us in the helicopter, the helicopter crashed and not one scratch on one of us, that’s just incredible.

“So we can only continue thank God and praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the awesome deliverance of so many of us.”

He asked “can you imagine a situation where you survive a helicopter crash? Adding that he thinks “just demonstrates that God is merciful, God is awesome, he is able do all things and he is able do everything.

“I think just greatly strengthened my faith and the faith of all of us who were there,” he stated.

The chopper managed by Caverton Helicopters had managed land at the township stadium before its propeller suddenly pulled off the surprise of supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who had gathered welcome the Vice President.

According to the Caverton Helicopters, the crash was caused by unusual weather conditions.

Also, the Investigation Bureau (AIB) in its preliminary report after carrying out an investigation into the crash, said the crew lost visual contact the ground at about 50 feet owing to a brownout – (dust generated when landing on a sandy area) – that enveloped the helicopter.

added that the helicopter experienced a hard landing and consequently rolled .