100 Afghan security officials arrested after Taliban attack

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fewer than 100 security Afghanistan have been arrested alleged negligence of their duties after the Taliban attacked the capital of Eastern Laghman province, said on Monday.

The militants were able to break through the security belt of the provincial capital, Mehtarlam, on Sunday night.

The criminals attacked the central prison before they were pushed back by security forces, said local councillors Gulzar Sangarwal and Atiqullah Abdul Rahimzai.

According to a spokesman for the provincial governor, the deputy of the National Directorate of Security secret was among the 100 arrested after the attack was repelled.

The security officials have been transferred to Kabul.

The attack on Mehtarlam was a continuation of the Taliban’s recent offensives Afghanistan.

Militants also attacked a facility the Guzargah-e Noor district of northern Baghlan province on Sunday night, killing at least eight soldiers and wounding at least seven, officials said.

Taliban have also attacked at least three areas on the outskirts of the provincial capital city of Baghlan, Pul-e Khumri, according to local councillors Safadar Mohsini and Feruzudding Aimaq.

on a number of other districts in the province, such as Baghlan-e Markazi, Dahan-e Ghori, Nahrin and Khost wa Fering, have been continuing for than a week , the officials said.

The Taliban have intensified on provincial capitals, district centres and larger security bases following the drawdown of international forces in Afghanistan, which started on 1.

Since then, they have been able to control of four districts in Afghanistan, one of which is only a few kilometres Kabul.