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100 days in office: Wike cannot take Amaechi’s glory – Rivers APC


It would not have been important to respond to Wike’s 100 days in office, since we know that he is looking for cheap popularity at the expense of settling down with the huge loan collected from banks at the detriment of the state.

Abonnema Road

Please note that the Abonnema Road complete with bridge just commissioned by Nyesom Wike was designed, constructed by the administration of Rt. Hon Rotimi Amaechi’s, and as at 29th of May 2015, Amaechi’s administration had completed 85% of the project. What is the need for celebration of just 15% input even with a loan? Another question is that who should take the glory? .

Iloabuchi – Eagle Island Link Road

Also the construction of Iloabuchi – Eagle Island link Road commissioned by Nyesom Wike is also the achievement of Amaechi’s administration because as at 29th of May 2015 payment/work done on that road stood at 85%; it would be wrong for Wike to deceive himself and the people claiming that he has done anything worth celebrating. You cannot gallivant around Amaechi’s achievements when you have done nothing.

Abuloma – Woji Road & Bridge

The construction of Woji Road with bridge was designed, constructed by the administration of Rt. Hon Rotimi Amaechi and as at 29th May, 2015 that road had achieved 80% completion. What is the noise by Wike claiming this project when he has not added up to 5% to the project? He should stop deceiving the people as the day of reckoning will soon come. We advise Wike to always tell the public what percentage of completion Amaechi achieved and what he has added.

The dualisation of Woji – Elelewo Road with a Bridge and Flyover

Please note that the Amaechi administration had achieved 90% of the flyover and 70% of the bridges in all. This project attained 75% completion by the Amaechi administration by 29th May, 2015 despite the paucity of funds at the time. Today, even with loans taken by Wike, his administration has not added up to 10% to the completion status of this project. We advise Wike to settle down and conceive his own ideas of decongesting Port Harcourt to compliment the laudable achievements of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.[pro_ad_display_adzone id=”70560″]

Dualisation of Garrison/ Trans-Amadi /Woji / Elelewo/ East West Road

This is one of the laudable achievements of Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi’s Administration. As at 29th May, 2015 Gov Amaechi’s administration had paid over 15 billion naira representing 50% of the cost of the project while Wike with huge loans collected has paid only 2 billion naira to the contractor. Who is he deceiving?  You can deceive the people but you cannot deceive the records. If Wike feels that he can deceive the public by running around projects conceptualized and done by the Amaechi administration and belittling the former governor’s monumental achievements, he is deceiving himself because the records are there to speak for the former governor.

We challenge Wike to tell Rivers people how much of the N30 billion loan obtained from the bank is being spent on projects and services rather than bribing judges and hiring lawyers to cover up for the rigging and violence that characterized the April 11 sham election in Rivers State. If Wike feels that our records are not correct, then he should challenge us and we are ready.

Deplorable state of Amaechi Drive Road, Eneka/Rukpokwu Road

Nyesom Wike should also make bold to tell us all the roads his companies built and those he abandoned during Governor Amaechi’s administration that are now in very deployable state. Such roads include the Amaechi Drive Road, Eneka/Rukpokwu Road just to mention a few.

What Rivers people will expect from Wike is a detailed blueprint of what he intends to achieve as Governor of Rivers state; what are the new innovations, critical thinking and values he can add to the existing achievements of the last administration in Rivers state.

Chris Finebone
Rivers State Publicity Secretary, APC

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