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12,000 local, foreign observers to follow referendum in Macedonia


Skopje –   The number of local and foreign observers in the polling stations on Sept. 30 to follow the process of the name referendum in Macedonia goes over 12,000, Macedonian State Electoral Council (SEC) said.

The official number of local observers from the SEC is 11,907, whereas foreign observers are 493 and international organisations have accredited 194 interpreters.

Along with local journalists, SEC has accredited 83 foreign journalists from 32 media outlets to follow the referendum.

Moreover, the name referendum will be monitored by 197 OSCE/ODIHR monitors on Sunday, while they have accredited 129 interpreters.

They are international non-governmental organisations, foreign embassies in Macedonia, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Delegation of the EU.

Also the International Human Rights Association in Macedonia will have their observers as well during the referendum elections.

On Sept. 30, Macedonia will hold a referendum on NATO and EU membership bids and on its agreement with Greece on the country’s name.

Macedonian citizens will vote in the referendum on the question: “Are you in favour of NATO and EU membership, and accepting the name agreement between Macedonia and Greece?”

Macedonia is formally called the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by the UN.

Macedonia is also the name of a northern province in Greece.

Athens is worried that the use of the same name by the neighbouring state could lead to territorial claims.

The solving of the name row that has existed between two countries is seen as the main obstacle Macedonia has to overcome in order to make progress towards the European Union (EU) and NATO integration.



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