150 Australians fighting with Sunni militants, says foreign ministe

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SYDNEY – Australia government on Thursday in Sydney, expressed deep concern over a growing number of Australians fighting with the radical Sunni militants in Iraq and Syria,

Julie Bishop, Australia’s Foreign Minister said that an intelligence report confirmed that there are about 150 Australians fighting alongside opposition groups in Syria and beyond.

She said the fighters were a danger to peace and security in Australia should they return.

“These are brutal people. The executions and the killings and their boasting of it on social media make this a particularly virulent form of terrorism, “she said.

Bishop said she had cancelled the passports of many Australians who security forces say may join the extremists in Syria and Iraq as they could pose a security threat to Australians at home.

She said Australia Government has not received a request for military help from Iraq or the U.S., but that government has ruled out combat troops being sent to Iraq. (dpa/NAN)