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20-Year-Old Yahoo Boy Dies After Attempted Money Ritual Goes Wrong


A 20-year-old suspected internet fraudster, Peter Albert has lost his life after undergoing money ritual in the Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State about three weeks ago.

The deceased was reportedly introduced to one Muslim cleric, Alfa Araokanmi for a money-making ritual by his 18-year-old friend David.A source told the Nation that the deceased who lives with his father and his friend David who resides with his parents have been friends for a long time also adding that the duo attend the same church.

Albert asked David for help due to his unsuccessful rounds in the internet scam business. The deceased friend subsequently introduced him to the Alfa and attributed his lack of success to spiritual problems. He told Albert that his lack of success in the Yahoo business was due to the spiritual influence of the Alfa.

Thus David introduced Albert to Araokanmi aka Alfa Wa in the Iju area of Ado-Odo/Ota LGA.

The source said: “David linked the boy (Peter Albert) to one Alfa Araokanmi, who promised to do some propitiation that would make the boy become a successful internet fraudster.

“They actually started chatting on Whatsapp until the boy later visited Alfa Araokanmi for some money rituals leading to his untimely death.”

The source stated further that Araokanmi told the deceased that he would consume some concoctions and bath at midnight for some days after which a ghost would appear to him and give him N5m every day.

To carry out the Alfa’s instructions the deceased began to keep late nights which did not sit well with his father.

However, things went south for the deceased when he returned home one night panting and feeling weak. Before his death, Albert reportedly explained all that transpired between him and Araokanmi to his father and even urged him to check his mobile phone for the exchanges between him and the cleric on Whatsapp.

The Nation reported that a resident who spoke in confidence said: “Peter’s father had complained to the local vigilante men guarding the Iyanu Oluwa Street in Atan that his son had been returning home at odd hours and that he was uncomfortable with his nocturnal movement on a daily basis. He warned the vigilante operatives to prevent his son from returning home late at night and even threatened to stop paying his part of the monthly security levy, by which the residents’ association settles the salaries of the security men.

“Unfortunately, Albert returned home again, as usual, at an odd hour on a fateful day; when his father reluctantly opened the door for him, he was shivering and staggering. He, however, managed to explain to his father that David took him to one Alfa Araokanmi for money rituals that would enable him to receive a sum of N5 million from a ghost after he was given a concoction to eat and bathed with a specially prepared spiritual soap.

“He told his father that he had proof of his Whatsapp conversations with the said Alfa on his phone and urged him to check his phone after giving him the code to unlock it. The boy died immediately after he confessed to his father about his misadventure. It’s possible that he was lured to the marabout and used for money rituals by those who introduced him to the spiritualist.”

The publication stated that a police source, however, said; “It’s true that the boy, Albert consulted the Alfa for rituals that would enable him to make fast money via internet scam but it ended in tragedy. He was said to have been given some concoctions and asked to bathe at midnight with the hope that a ghost would bring him a sum of N5 million every day.

“Things however turned tragic after he underwent the rituals and he suddenly became ill when he got home in the wee hours and died moments later.”

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