Sex is nice, I love it so much – Harmony

Singer Emike Ekwe, may be relatively unknown in the Nigerian entertainment industry but she sure knows what she wants. Known by her stage name of Harmony, she is a singer, who does not care what anyone says about her.
Few weeks ago, he Auchi, Edo State born entertainer granted an interview where she said she could do a video completely nude since it her body and she owes no one no apology.
This time around, she has granted another interview where she confesses to loving sex so much and does not hide it.
In the interview she said: “Sex is nice. Everybody needs it. So long as you do it with the right person and you don’t regret after doing it, sex is good for everyone.
I love sex so much because it makes your mind open. It makes your body open. You think nicely after having sex, so long as you do it with the right person and at the right time.” (Pulse)

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