Kerry meets Iraqi leaders over counter-terrorism

BAGHDAD – The U.S. Secretary of State, John , on Wednesday met with the new in Baghdad and discussed building up a strategy against the extremist militant group of the so-called Islamic State (IS).

During the visit, Kerry held a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi who called on the international community to assist Iraq’s struggle against the IS.

“Our role is to defend our country, but the international community is also responsible to protect Iraq, and protect the whole region.

“What is happening in Syria is coming across the international border to Iraq. [eap_ad_2] “There is a role for the international community and for the UN, and for the U.S. to act immediately, to tackle the threat of the militants in neighboring Syria,” Abadi told reporters.

However, Kerry hailed the new Iraqi leadership for the quick formation of a new government, saying that he was impressed by the PM’s plans to rebuild the Iraqi military and push broad political reforms.

Kerry said he was encouraged by al-Abadi’s commitment to broad reforms that were necessary in Iraq to bring every segment of Iraqi society to the table.

He praised the government’s readiness to move forward to conclude an oil agreement necessary for the Kurds and on the representation of Sunnis and participation in government.

According to him, U.S. is prepared, together with many other countries, to form a broad coalition in order to take on this terrorist structure, which is unacceptable by any standard anywhere in the world.

However, his visit is part of his tour in the Middle East to consult with U.S. partners and allies in a bid to seek support for the anti-terrorism coalition.

Report says Iraq is now witnessing an ever worsening security conditions that began in June when armed Sunni insurgents, spearheaded by IS, launched a surprise offensive. (Xinhua/NAN)[eap_ad_3]

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