Palestinian officials enter Gaza for first unity government session

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palestinian officialsPalestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said on Thursday that reconstruction would be the main objective as he and West Bank officials arrived in Gaza for a meeting.

The meeting is the first for the four-month-old Palestinian unity government, Hamdallah told reporters upon arrival in Gaza.

“The efforts of the government will focus on various ways to rescue Gaza and provide relief for its population.

“We are here to reconstruct and rehabilitate what was destroyed by the unfair occupation,’’ he said. [eap_ad_2] Hamdallah and 12 cabinet ministers arrived in Gaza Strip for the first time since the unity government took office in early June.

Meanwhile, Gaza-based ministers have had to take part in cabinet sessions held in the West Bank city of Ramallah via video conferencing.

Israel opposed the unity government because it is backed by Hamas, the radical Islamist movement that refused to recognise its right to exist.

As a result it has refused to grant Gaza cabinet members permits to travel to the West Bank via its territory. (dpa/NAN) [eap_ad_3]

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