Home News 2015 elections: Youths urge politicians not to heat up the polity.

2015 elections: Youths urge politicians not to heat up the polity.


ABUJA – The Middle Belt Youth Vanguard on Tuesday called on politicians across the country to desist from making statements that could incite the people and heat up the polity.
The group made the call in a statement issued by Mr Simeon Elaigwu, its National Organising Secretary, in Abuja.
Elaigwu decried the utterance of some state governors, especially on issues relating to the Federal Government, and warned that the immunity attached to their offices should not be abused.
He stressed that no matter the misunderstanding between political stakeholders, the corporate existence of the country should be respected, adding that the country`s interest should supersede all personal interest.
He noted that some politicians were over stepping their boundaries by their remarks on the Federal Government and the country`s security challenges.
He reminded such politicians to note that Nigeria does not belong to them.
Elaigwu said that hurling abuses on the person of President Goodluck Jonathan and his office was a dangerous development capable of ridiculing the country`s image before international community.
“Nigeria is too big for one individual or group. We all must protect this country from anyone who wishes to tear it apart for political gains,’’ he said.
He urged Nigerians to be awake to the realities on ground, stressing that most politicians were only concerned on what they stand to gain. (NAN)

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