2015: PDP charges elected, appointed officials to redouble effort

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ABUJA – PDP has charged all its elected and appointed officials at all levels to reciprocate trust and shown by Nigerians by redoubling their developmental efforts.

This is contained in a statement issued by Mr Olisa Metuh, party’s Publicity Secretary in Abuja Sunday..

party also charged its officials to work harder to deliver more democracy dividends to peoples ahead 2015.

It said that would ensure Nigerians did not only continue to enjoy the benefit stewardship from the PDP, but also voted en-masse for it in the 2015 general elections.

It added that the party would remain committed to the unity the country and welfare the people.

The statement added that the party would continue to provide level playing ground for Nigerians in the pursuant of their political aspirations.

The statement said that would be done within the ambit of the wider interest, irrespective of religious, ethnic or gender considerations.

The party commended Nigerians for their faith, resilience and untiring for democracy since 1999 and declared that Nigerian citizens were true heroes of democracy.

That, it said, was in spite of efforts by a few  some elements who were bent destroying and truncating the country`s democratic process.

It said the declaration was after a thorough appraisal of the contributions of the people toward the sustenance of democracy in the last 15 years.

“Indeed, the real heroes of democracy are Nigerians citizens who daily make sacrifices for the sustenance of democratic rule in the last 15 years,’’ Metuh said in the statement.

It commended the collective choice and resolve of Nigerians to and maintain democracy as the only system of government for the actualisation of collective aspirations irrespective of challenges.

That, the statement noted, was the underlying impetus for the successes and growth recorded since the emergence of the PDP-led government in 1999.

“Nigerians have demonstrated their commitment, not only by continually trooping out in their millions to vote, defying the sun and the rains, but also in their patience and understanding,’’ it said.

It added that, the support of Nigerians, the PDP-led government had sustained Nigerian unity and corporate existence as one indivisible nation, and had achieved an uninterrupted democratic rule.

The PDP, the statement stressed, had also guaranteed justice and economic prosperity through strict adherence to the principles of equality and the rule of .

That, it added, was in addition to guaranteeing human , freedom of expression, freedom of information and freedom of association to all Nigerians in the last 15 years.

The statement thanked Nigerians for voting and supporting the PDP since 1999.

It added that, the continued overwhelming victory of the party at the remained a clear demonstration of the confidence reposed in it by Nigerians as the only party.

That, it added, was a loud statement by Nigerians that they would continue to be the PDP.

It said that the support of Nigerians for the PDP had shown that the opposition was not an option, despite their ceaseless change of identity and lack of clear-cut agenda.

The statement maintained that the PDP remained the best vehicle for the delivery of democracy dividends to the people.

It said the support of the people to the PDP was due to its strict adherence to the principle of internal democracy.

It also said it was due to the party’s support to the provision of equal opportunities for all Nigerians to aspire to any position by the party.

That, it said, was without regards to religious, gender and ethnic considerations.(NAN