Exam ethics expert urges students to shun exam malpractice

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Abuja  –   Mr Ike Onyechere, the Chairman, Exam Ethics Marshal International , an NGO, has advised students to shun exam malpractice as it can mar their future.

Onyechere gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday.

He urged youths to discover their individual gifts and talents and develop them for their future benefit.

According to him, one does not need to be a graduate to succeed in life.


“People might think they are making progress when they cut corners and pass exams, but the progress you are making is short lived.

“At the end of the day, in today’s world, you must stand on your own.

“The system will catch up with you somewhere along the line; either you are exposed by way of being caught or disgraced or you may be exposed in a way that you cannot justify your certificate.

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“You get one job today they, but they throw you out the next day.

“Education is a journey of discovery; decide whether it is physics or it is history or it is theology.

“Decide where your skill is. Decide whether even it is not certificate that you need; that you are very good in craftsmanship.

“You can discover something; you can be an entrepreneur; you can be a technician.

“There are a lot of artistes, who didn’t go to school – writers, designers.

“A lot of the people earning one million dollars a week, who are footballers didn’t go to school.

“They didn’t begin to forge certificate to be a doctor. You find your talent, discover your talent.’’


Onyechere said that parents had a role to play in ensuring the success of their children and wards by encouraging them to follow their passion and talents.

He frowned at parents who forced their children to study particular courses for their selfish ego, adding that it could lead them to commit exam malpractice.

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“Parents, out of ignorance, are involved in unnecessary rat race – my child must be a medical doctor; I’m supposed to answer mama lawyer, mama engineer and so on; that is nonsense.

“I am not saying school is not good, but if the talent is there, the man will become one of the best lawyers, one of the best engineers.

“He becomes a good footballer, becomes one of the best musicians, he becomes a fashion designer or wherever his talent takes him.’’


He also cautioned parents to stop aiding their children to commit examination malpractice, describing it as the worst part of corruption in the education sector.

“By the time you are helping your child to cut corners and that is the worst part of corruption in education; you are building a wrong foundation for future education.

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“There is no way that child will became an angel tomorrow, when you have fed him and weaned him on the diet of corruption.

“It will come back to you as a parent; it will come back to the society. (NAN)

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