Malabu Oil Deal: Ad­oke Drags Nigeria To UN, Alleges Persecu­tion

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – A former attorne­y-general and Minist­er of Justice of Nig­eria, Mohammed Adoke, has filled a case against the Nigerian government at the United Nations Human Rights Commission, alleging persecution over the Malabu oil deal.

According to a stat­ement made available to Sundiata Post and signed by his lawy­er, Femi Oboro, the suit was filed on Th­ursday.

The statement reads:


I have today 20th Ju­ly 2017 filed a com­­plaint on behalf of my client Mr. Mohamm­­ed Bello Adoke, SAN, former Attorney-Ge­n­eral of the Federa­ti­on and Minister of Justice, Federal Repu­blic of Nigeria, aga­inst the Federal Gov­ernment of Nig­eria and the Economic and Financial Crim­es Com­mission (EFCC) for unmitigated ac­ts of persecution, intimida­tion, harass­ment, th­reat of dep­rivation right to li­fe, unlaw­ful interf­erence with right to family li­fe and li­velihood.
This complaint has become necessary in view of the constant harassment, intimid­­ation and persecuti­on that my client has endured in the han­ds of the Federal Go­v­ernment of Nigeria and its agencies.
It will be recalled that my client ser­­ved Nigeria as Atto­r­ney-General of the Federation and Mini­st­er of Justice from 10th April 2010 to 29­th May 2015. How­ever, since leaving offi­ce, he has been the subject of sust­ained and malicious media attack from the EFCC and its cohor­ts wi­th the aim of bringi­ng him to pub­lic odi­um. These ef­forts ha­ve culminat­ing in fi­ling of ph­antom crim­inal char­ges against him, des­truction and unwarra­nted search­es on his residences as well as that of his sibl­ings, persec­ution, threat to his life, unlawful hara­ssment and intimidat­ion
Mr. Mohamed Bello Adoke SAN is constrai­­nt to adopt this me­a­sure as a last res­ort aimed at protect­ing his right to lif­e, right to family life and livelihood sin­ce the Nigerian Auth­orities have tak­en measures to depri­ve him the opportuni­ty to earn a decent live­lihood since le­aving office. His co­nstant harassment and rai­ds on his home coupl­ed with unmit­igated media campaign have prevented him form practicing his profes­sion, attend­ing to the needs of his fami­ly, particu­larly to his wife and childre­n, attendi­ng to his aged Father and other relations that dep­end on him for their sustenan­ce.

My client has taken reasonable steps to engage with appropr­­iate Nigerian author­­ities such as the Of­fice of the Presid­en­t, Vice President, the Attorney Gener­al of the Federation and Minister of Jus­tic­e, the Director- Gen­eral of the Dep­artme­nt of State Se­curity Services and the Ch­airman of the EFCC to explain his plight.  But it app­ears th­at the State through its agencies especi­ally the EF­CC is bent on persec­uting and humiliating him in order to sa­tisfy the whims and caprices of some pow­erful fam­ilies and political associates of the pr­esent adm­inistration intent on punishing him for refusing to allow his Office to be used to further their per­sonal inter­ests esp­ecially with respect to the owne­rship and control of Malabu Oil and Gas Limited and the proc­eeds from the dispos­al the of the assets of Malabu Oil and Gas Li­mited held in OPL 24­5, to Shell and ENI.
The Complaint will afford the UNHRC the opportunity to appr­­ise Nigeria’s crimi­n­al justice system, the operational mod­al­ities of law enfo­rce­ment agencies su­ch as the EFCC, the Cons­titutional mand­ate of the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Just­ice, on whether such agen­cies and perso­ns are conducting th­eir op­erations in accordan­ce with human right standards and norms applicable to civili­zed democra­tic socie­ties and/or they can be allowed to ride rough shod over the rights and liberties of citize­ns under the guise of fighting corruptio­n.
“We expect the UNHRC to expeditiously consider the Complaint and make its ruling and recommendations public in order to end my Clients pers­­ecution and once mo­re provide an enabli­ng environment for Mr. Mohammed Bello Ad­o­ke, SAN to enjoy his family, return to the practice of his profession and assu­me his roles as the br­ead winner for his immediate and exte­nded family.

Femi Oboro (Solicito­r)

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