Use Imagery To Promote National Unity, NCC Tells Communication Students

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LAGOS, (Sundiata Post) – The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has called on students of Communications to use imagery as a tool for bonding the people of Nigeria and promoting national unity rather than emphasising our differences.

Executive Commissioner Stakeholder Management, NCC, Mr. Sunday Dare who addressed  communication students during the Annual Lecture of Mass Communication Students Association, University of Lagos, said since communication is a creative science it is the responsibility of communication students and practitioners to interpret the essence of the identities to the rest of the people because they are supposedly armed with the tools that prod a better understanding of the brand essence to the formation of national cohesion.

Mr Dare, represented by NCC’s Head of Online Media and Special Publications, Mr Omoniyi Ibietan, said “We need information, we need transformative knowledge. Knowledge of new ways to optimise our creative enterprise. Knowledge that will enable us to deploy new skills that our country requires to nudge national cohesion.”

“Importantly, to be able to play this role effectively, That cardinal principle and obligation required to deploy the knowledge as communication professionals operating in a multicultural society, is to focus on the elements of our culture and social reality that tend to bond the people, NOT to emphasize on the differences – though knowledge of the differences and their recognition is important to shape our relationships.”

He noted that there is no aspect or sphere of knowledge today that is not available on the Internet. For instance, when it comes to using imagery for communication, GIMP, an Image Manipulation Programme is available on the Internet; also, Flickr is another of the available resource of the virtual world which combines as a networking site; among others.

”Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are proven enablers and the Internet is the abode of these resources. To have access and optimise the opportunities locked up on the Internet, you require robust broadband. One evidence of the centrality of technology in contemporary world is the fact that the most innovative countries are the most advanced and prosperous because investments in technology and innovations have been major sources of wealth creation. To underscore this point, we can easily recall that the top four most capitalized companies in the world are communication technology firms –Microsoft, Apple Google, and Facebook.”

This, he said,  explains why the NCC, the regulatory authority for telecommunications in keeping with the spirit of the National Broadband Plan instituted clear processes to make broadband available, accessible and affordable in all nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

“Specifically, Two slots in the 700MHz band have been earmarked for Commercial Broadband deployment; The 800MHz band also known as the Digital Dividend 1 has been re-planned and licensed for LTE deployment – LTE is acronym for Long Term Evolution, a wireless technology designed to support roaming Internet access by cell phones and handheld devices; Part of the 1800MHz band has been refermed for LTE deployments; The 60GHz unlicensed band will soon be opened up for broadband deployment; The 900MHz E-GSM band has been licensed for LTE deployment; The 2.3GHz band was licensed for LTE deployment; The 2.6GHz band was licensed for broadband wireless; and the 70/80GHz band (E-Band) is also opened up for LTE deployment.”

Mr Dare, stressed that the NCC already put in place a robust strategy to explore for the benefit of all Nigerians, the huge possibilities of 5G networks – the next evolution of mobile broadband. As the Commission plans for the future, it is also addressing the challenges of the moment.

He noted that the declaration of 2017 as the Year of the Nigerian Telecom Consumer by the Nigerian Communications Commission speaks to the preeminence of the consumer in the comity of the industry stakeholders.

“It is a statement of commitment by the Commission to back Nigerians all the way as the citizens tap into the limitless possibilities offered by new communication technologies” Mr Dare said.

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