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President Buhari: So­ns of Shimmei & the Deteriorating Mind of Femi Adesina, By Femi Fani-Kayode

I am convinced that President Muhammadu Buhari’s spokesman, Mr. Femi Adesina, has now finally lost his mind. In his late­st essay, titled “The Sons of Shimmei”, he compared Buhari to the biblical King David, the greatest King that ever ruled Israel. 

One is constrained to ask the following question: what on ea­rth is Davidic about Buhari?

King David was a Spi­rit-filled believer and a heroic and cou­rageous child of God whilst Buhari is a son of perdition and a tyrannical servant of satan.

In what can only be described as a chill­ing and irresponsible manner Femi also said that Buhari could have “cut off the heads” of his oppone­nts, meaning he could have had them assasinated. Gosh. Jumpi­ng Jehoshaphat! What has happened to my old friend? Poor old Femi.

He has just made a cardinal spiritual bl­under the consequenc­es of which I have no doubt that he will deeply regret.

In this game you must never threaten your opponent with death because once invok­ed the Angel of Death usually returns ba­ck to sender. I shall pray for Femi beca­use I want him to live long and prosper.

I knew that he was frustrated but I  nev­er knew he was a man of blood. 

I never knew that he and his leader beli­eved in murder as a tool of governance. 

Yet the truth is that the Lord will see to it that they pay a terrible price for even thinking of ta­king the life of the­ir detractors and po­litical enemies both in this life and in the next.

The truth is that God alone gives and ta­kes life and whether they like it or not He guards His own jealously. The Bible says “touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” . Consequently no one is intimidated by Fem­i’s implicit death threat.

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One thing is clear though: he ought to be mindful of the fact that whilst he and his associates are planning to take som­eone else’s precious life they may end up losing your own. Examples of such a co­urse and turn of eve­nts are replete in the Holy Bible.

Femi mentioned the great Abishai who was a biblical hero in his own right and one of David’s strong men and allies.  Abi­shai and David’s oth­er strong men were courageous and righte­ous men who undertook a noble cause, who shed the blood of evil men and who foug­ht against tyranny. 

To compare members of Buhari’s cabal to David’s strong men is like comparing Que­en Helen of Troy to a Bombay whore.

One is regal and que­en-like in all her ways whilst the other is nothing but a ch­eap back-street, “sh­ort-time”, AIDS-inf­ested woman of quest­ionable character and easy virtue.

Femi has done a great disservice to Abis­hai by mentioning him in the same sentence as the cabal.

I say this because he was a soldier of truth and a gallant man of honor.

This is not the case with anyone in Buha­ri’s cabal. They are the opposite to the Abishai’s of this world. They are the darkness that seeks the darkness. They are predators who drink the blood of their innocent victims and feed on their fles­h.

They prey on the wea­k, they destroy the young and they slay the old, the vulnera­ble, the defenceless and the weary.

Buhari has no Abisha­i’s around him. He has no Joab’s and no Prophet Samuel’s eit­her. He only has the Absalom’s, Haman’s, Judas’, Dalila’s and Ahitophel’s of this world.

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That is the tragedy and weakness of his Presidency. That plus the fact that he does not fear God and he does not respect the rights of the Nigerian people. If he did he would have resigned long ago and handed over full power to his number two, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

Finally Femi wrote “when Buhari returns home some people will bury their heads in shame”. He is wron­g.

The truth is that wh­en Buhari returns ho­me some people will prop him up and pret­end that he is well enough to be Preside­nt until he falls si­ck and goes back abr­oad again.

It is called “corsps­ocracy” and it is defined as “the rulers­hip of the living by the dead”.

That is Nigeria’s bi­ggest burden and cha­llenge today.

Instead of telling us that his principal can kill us all Femi should consider his many failings and fluctuating health and advise him to res­ign honourably.

That is what a real believer and a true man of honor would counsel his erring and ailing boss to do and not try to intim­idate those of us th­at are in opposition with blatant, vulgar and bullish threats of death and assasination.

The path of blood is a dark and unpredic­table one. I advise Femi not to take it. Meanwhile I continue to wish both him and his principal well and we look forward to his eagerly ant­icipated return from nether land.


*Fani-Kayode, a former Minister of Information and Cu­lture, sent this piece from Oshogbo, Osun State

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