CAC Wallows in Corruption – Kirfi

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Abuja (Sundiata Post) –  Chairman of the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service, Technical and Recreational Services Employees at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) headquarters in Abuja, Comrade Ibrahim Kirfi has alleged that Corporate Affairs Commission wallows in corruption.

Kirfi disclosed this in an  interview with “The Authority”, gave an insight as to how the commission carries its corrupt practices. Below are the excerpts:

“See this car park at the commission’s premises. They started building this car park at not more than N250 million as the initial sum to completion.

But as it is now, over a billion naira has been sunk into the project because of contract varia­tion. They refused to finish the project.

I can also tell you confidently that if you go to the commission’s Katsina State office, you would assess it to know if it is worth N300 million.

If you go to Jigawa State, there is a plot of land that state govern­ment gave us free but to fence that land alone which is less than 1000 square metres, the commission’s management approved N16.5 million. Similarly, the commission spends billions of naira on ICT on annual basis, but you can confirm from the customers whether they are get­ting the kind of services that the manage­ment promised them.

When they (CAC management) go to Mr. President, they stage-manage whatever they want to pres­ent before the presidency.

Although the law that established the commission says it is a service deliv­ery agency, but from the way it is being tagged now, it is a revenue generating agency.

And by policy, the commission is supposed to be remitting something to the Federal Government at the end of the year after doing all their activities. But they are not remitting any money to the FG; citing excuses of high staff cost, but more than 40 per cent of the staff cost is being consumed by the executive.

There is Federal Government circular on monetisation that is flagrantly disregarded by this com­mission.

With the monetisation policy, all your entitlements are being subsumed into your salary structure. But as I am talking to you, they buy cars for them­selves, fuel these cars and maintain these cars.

They even use our drivers on week­ends; they still enjoy DSTV subscriptions, recharge cards of N45, 000 on monthly basis, gas for their private homes, envi­ronmental sanitation (fumigation), and generator allowance.

You would even wonder what they do with their salaries. On weekly basis, they fill their local trav­elling allowance, while we (junior staff­ers) do everything from our salaries. Even if light bulbs go bad in their homes, it is the office that replaces the bulbs for the management staff.

It is also pertinent to state that the commission’s management approves con­tracts beyond its approval limits, which is also another serious violation of the Federal Government’s policy on award of contracts.

Every year, they approve N40 million for purchase of certificates. The approval limit of the commission is less than N5 million.

Any contract that is up to N20 million ought to go to Tenders Boards. But they award these contracts without recourse to the Tenders Board; while any contract up to N50 million has to obtain ministerial approval.

And they also split contracts; which is a serious of­fence, Kirfi alleges. (The Authority Newspapers).

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