Indecent Dressing Responsible For Increased Rape Incidents – Islamic Group


The has blamed in women.

This was highlighted in a statement released by the group in response to a protest on rape staged by another group War Against Rape (WAR), Punch reports.

Members of WAR had staged the protest at the office of the Lagos Governor, Akinwumi Ambode, decrying the increase in rape cases in the state.

President of MURIC, Ishaq Akintola said in the statement that the protest was a waste of time.
The statements reads, “Rape is on the increase mainly because moral bankruptcy has hit its peak. Women are no longer ashamed of exposing their bodies in public. “Even dresses which do not expose their bodies are sewn so tight that no one is left in doubt about the objective. It is the age of dress-to-kill. But women forget that many of them will fall victim of stray bullets. “Indecent dressing is a provocation and this is the issue which decent societies must address. MURIC invites WAR to launch a campaign against indecent dressing. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed. You cannot send out a letter without receiving a reply. “WAR should tell women to elevate their self-dignity. Why do they pose half-nude in adverts, magazine covers, etc? Why are women so willing to expose their Allah-given ‘delicacies’ to naked eyes. “Women who elect to cut their blouses low at the front and their skirts outrageously short above the thighs have deliberately entered into a contract with men who are sick upstairs. “Women should be told in clear and unequivocal terms that indecent dressing constitutes sexual harassment.”

merriamakinyeleIs it indecent dressing that got 3months old babies raped? I am an advocate for decency. But then all the blame shouldn’t be dropped on the women. Short and simple men who rape are very sick

itohanomoso even 2month old nd 1yr…the truth is that they dont even go after the older ones…now it the younger ones and babies they go after…?? sick Men!!!

morenikejidamilolaI strongly disagree it is just a flimsy excuse jafe

ayo_ladThese people will just be talking rubbish rather than hitting the nail on the head- 65% of men are perverts and monsters!!!

ayo_ladTrying to justify the act by blaming it one indecent dressing is even worse than the act itself! Imagine? There’s not one line in the whole write-ups that condemns rape. Perverts!!!

choczyyIt’s true I get aroused seeing half naked women and I just feel like I wana fuck lol facts

jennyprinny1So even babies who were raped we dressed indecently?

angelamureyI disagree totally who defines indecent dressing by what standard we all come from different cultural background and we just have sick men that love destroying women the have no respect and value for human life.

g4rgraceSo those that rape kids and babies is because of indecent dressing????????

coyfaithdull brains… I can’t believe people still think like this. *lip sealed*


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