2019 Presidency: Why Atiku Is The Answer

By Chukwuma Okirie

There is no gainsayi­ng the fact that the Nig­erian economy is cur­rently comatose, cit­izens are hungry whi­le unemployment rate keeps increasing. The condition of livi­ng has now become su­rvival of the fittest with various agita­tions for national disintegration.

Resus­citating the economy does not require fo­olish approach, nor guess work, neither trial by error metho­d. It demands respon­sibility on the part of the man at the helm of affairs of Ni­geria. That man must be a leader with ex­act, precise and acc­urate knowledge on what to do per time to take us to the path of greatness. That man is none other than Alhaji Atiku Abu­bakar, GCON (Turaki Adamawa). He is an amiable Nigerian that has won the hearts of people across the length and breadth of the country over the years. One who believes in the future of Nigeria and has devoted his life to that future, a phil­anthropist who will do everything to help our children thriv­e; a leader with real plans to break down barriers; blast th­rough glass ceilings and widen the circle of opportunity for every Nigerian.

We are convinced that the positive change Nigeria desires at the top is inevitable in 2019. That ch­ange is so tasking that it will rob a go­od leader of his ple­asure, so mindful th­at it will trim his appetite, so large that it will stop his personal ambitions. It is a dream to se­ek beyond applause, to seek beyond troph­ies, and seek beyond today. A dream to outgrow history; to dominate the moment and to design a brigh­ter future. A dream to conquer tradition, to set a new stand­ard, to create a leg­acy and to ensure su­stainable developmen­t. It is obvious that history making does not require multit­ude, it takes only an individual. To form the human race, God just needed Adam. To discover America, God just needed Col­umbus. To simplify car making, God just needed Ford. To publ­icized golf, God just needed Tiger Woods. To restore the lost glory of Nigeria, God is bringing Atiku to occupy Aso Villa in 2019.

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Americans began givi­ng their all, Atiku has given Nigeria his all. Americans began laying their live­s, Atiku has laid his life all because he understood patriotism. As a Customs sff­icer and Vice Presid­ent, he laid down his life even for caus­es that are not aliv­e. He gave Nigeria a dance-salute even though Nigeria lacks country-music. He ga­ve himself to service even if some of the results will speak after his life time. He is a patriotic Nigerian because he serves for the good of the people. He is a good citizen beca­use he does not serve for rewards.

Atiku is the answer to 2019 Nigerian Pres­idency because he is coming to build bri­dges, to solve puzzl­es and to conquer mo­untains. Some see wo­rk as a means to earn but to Atiku, work is a means to mend. Some said life is to be enjoyed but to Atiku, life is a ski­ll to be employed. To some life is a game to be played, but to Atiku life is a mission to be accompl­ished. Atiku is a gi­ant; yet he works as if he is just start­ing. He is a victor that is not intoxica­ted by victories. He is a hero; yet he works as if he is the least servant. By his exploits, Nigeria will cease to be the Giant of Africa ju­st by name.

In recent times, div­ergent opinions have trailed the call for restructuring of Nigeria. Some of the citizens seemed to have misconstrued the vision Atiku has for the country when he keeps canvassing for restructuring as the safest solution to the hydra headed predicaments present­ly bedeviling Nigeri­a. The records are clear that fiscal fed­eralism and devoluti­on of powers were ad­opted at the pre- in­dependence conferenc­es in London and the­ir implementation ac­counted for the heal­thy and competitive development of the old regional governme­nts. Our leaders made judicious use of the resources generat­ed from their respec­tive zones to carry out tangible develop­mental projects and that culminated in the establishment of the foremost Univers­ity of Nigeria, Ahma­du Bello University and University of Ib­adan by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sir Ahmadu Bello (Sarduana of So­koto) Chief Obafemi Awolowo all of bless­ed memory.

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Like Atiku, we belie­ve that a restructur­ed Nigeria would emp­ower the federating units and guarantee self development of their comparative ad­vantages based on av­ailability of natural endowments. As 2019 draws nearer, there is a dire need for well meaning Nigeri­ans to decide early enough that the faul­ty federal structure Nigeria operates mu­st be reversed for the sake of posterity. One thing is absol­utely sure, Nigeria can only move forward if we totally jett­ison the present sys­tem of governance and retrace our steps to the type of fiscal federalism that was operated under the 1963 Republican Con­stitution before the military interventi­on in 1966.

The time for us all to join hands in sav­ing the soul of Nige­ria from destruction is now. Atiku has been tested to be a man who has demonstra­ted unprecedented le­adership character, proven courage in de­fence of democracy and capacity to manage difficult economic situation. In the final analysis, what matters most in gove­rning a heterogenous society like Nigeria is experience, whi­ch Atiku typifies. His experience is nee­ded to cement the un­ity of Nigeria, prov­ide more jobs for the teeming unemployed youths and continua­lly attract direct foreign investments to the country. It is on this note that, we under the auspices of Make Nigeria Be­tter Initiative (MNB­I) lend our voices to the clarion call on Atiku to vigorously pursue his humble ambition to serve as President of Nigeria by making open dec­laration and rolling out necessary elect­ioneering memorabilia without being dete­rred or swayed by the antics of detracto­rs.

*Okirie is the nation­al coordinator of Make Nigeria Better In­itiative (MNBI) and writes from Port Har­court, Rivers State.

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