Owerri Bloody Saturday: Rochas Laid Down the Marker

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By Kelechi Jeff Eme
The murder of the innocent in Owerri on Saturday is a crime that Rochas will definitely answer to.

I am not interested in reminders by opponents of Rochas that I supported him during the last election. That is mute. The choice was between him and Emeka Ihedioha and I took the right decision.

For me, there are three issues Rochas and his team took for granted. Such impunity is unheard of in Imo state under democratic governance. These are:

1. There was a restraining order by a court of competent jurisdiction procured legitimately by the people of Owerri against the illegality that took place on Saturday.

2. The market in question is a traditional market of Owerri people, hence an embodiment of their ancestral and spiritual well being.

3. The market situated in the heart of Owerri Nchi Ise under the supervision of Owerri Municipal Council, was relocated to Egbeada, in Mbaitoli Council.

Unless there is an ulterior motive behind the action, it beggars belief that any government could act in the manner Rochas did on Saturday.

I have read arguments of those using decongestion of Owerri to justify the action yesterday, I can only pity them. You cannot alter the plan of a city whimsically. Owners of properties are adequately compensated in such exercise.

Time indeed shall tell. There is no safety in numbers. 21 months is not 21 decades.

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