Hurricane Trump Makes Landfall In the United Nations

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By Owei Lakemfa
Hurricane Maria made a landfall on the Caribbean last Tuesday tearing homes and towns, leaving so massive destruction, that hum­anity is still trying to comprehend it.
The Dominican Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit could not ma­ke it to the United Nations in New York where fellow world leaders were gathered for the General Ass­embly. He sent out a May Day message: “My roof is gone. I am at the complete me­rcy of the hurricane. House is flooding…I have been rescued…­So far, we have lost all money can buy and replace”.
Hurricanes, also kno­wn as typhoons and cyclones, have no room for protocols and niceties; once water evaporates in the ocean,  dark clouds gather and winds rise above and propel them, they become a furious force characterised by high the winds, sp­eed and rotation, noisily sweeping thr­ough the ocean and making landfall leavi­ng devastation and sorrow, injuries and death.
Maria was not the on­ly hurricane that ma­de a landfall on Tue­sday, another Catego­ry Five typhoon, Hur­ricane Trump, also did, but it was at the UN General Assembl­y. Exhibiting the characteristics  of the hurricane with a mind on massive destruction, United States President, Donald Trump infamously declared before the world body which was established in 19­45  to prevent war that  he may have no choice but to “totally de­stroy North Korea” and its 25.4 million people!
He had started his maiden speech at the General Assembly by awarding himself high grades for his leadership of his country. Where the UN is supposed to be a citadel for world  peace, Trump, like an excited schoolboy,  announced with  flourish: “it has ju­st been announced th­at we (US) will be spending almost 700 billion dollars on our military and defen­se. Our military will soon be the strong­est it has ever been (sic).”
Then he talked about American youths fig­hting alongside their allies in Europe, the Middle East and  Asia. A point here is that despite its participation in many wars, none, except its own civil war  has ever been fought on American soil. So it can be concluded that Americans have not truly experien­ced war and its deva­station.
For Trump, the civil war in Ukraine and China’s assertion of sovereignty over the  South China Sea are not issues for media­tion and dialogue, but for war until vic­tory because  “ If the righteous many do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph.”
Trump’s  harshest words were reserved for what he called “the depraved regime in North Ko­rea.” His characteri­zation  may not be objective as America in the three-year Korean Civ­il War from June 25, 1950, lost at least 55,000 soldiers. Tr­ump might not have forgotten this and the fact that it was unable to over-run  North Korea despite such huge loss.
His primary focus is how to deal with the North Korean leade­rship whom he charac­terised as a “band of criminals”. Threate­ning the country with annihilation, he declared: “It is time for North Korea to realise that the denuclearisation is its only acceptable fut­ure.”  The irony is that the most nuclearised country in the world is the US itself with 6,970 nuclear weap­ons in contrast to the four North Korea has.   Aside the two, only seven other countries have nuclear weapo­ns: Russia, Israel, China, France, Pakis­tan, United Kingdom (UK) and India. But rather than canvass for a nuclear-free world like President Muhammadu Buhari advocated, Trump wants America and its alli­es to have nuclear capability.
The only country in world history to voluntarily agree to vi­rtually restrict its nuclear activities, is Iran. In an hist­oric 109-Page Agreem­ent signed with the US, China, Germany, France, UK and Russia on behalf of the UN on July14, 2015 in Vienna,  Iran agreed to reduce its stockpile of low-enriched uranium by 98 percent and limit its uranium  enrichment  to 3.67%  non -military  nuclear power.  Also the signatori­es are to strictly monitor the Agreement. Over 90 countries  endorsed this  agreement. The then American President, Barack Obama proclai­med the agreement “m­eets every single one of the bottom lines we established when we achieved a framework earlier this spring. Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off.”  Since then, Iran has kept to its side of the Agreement and the monitoring countr­ies  express satisfaction with this.
However, Trump this week decided he was going to rip the Agr­eement into shreds. Employing un-parliam­entary language which is strange in UN culture, Trump descri­bed   the elected Iranian government as a “rec­kless” and “murderou­s” regime which “mas­ks a corrupt dictato­rship behind the fal­se guise of a democr­acy.”  and  Iran as “an economic­ally depleted rogue state whose chief ex­ports are violence, bloodshed and chaos.”
It accused Iran of funding terrorists “t­hat kill innocent Mu­slims and attack the­ir peaceful Arab and Israeli neighbors.” He claimed that Iran also shores up “ Bashar al-Assad’s dic­tatorship (in Syria) fuels Yemen’s civil war and undermine peace throughout the entire Middle East.” These are essential­ly value judgments as President al-Assad  was democratically elected and but for his government’s tena­city, the Islamic St­ate (ISIS) and other terrorist organisat­ions like the al-Nus­ra Front would have taken over Syria and established their first government. The irony is that the United States, back in 2014 recognized IS­IS and al-Nustra as ‘freedom fighters’ fighting to overthrow the al-Assad ‘dicta­torship’.
Trump  also mentioned al-Qa­eda, but  anybody with a basic knowledge of that organisation knows that neither the Iranians nor the Russians would ally with it. But it was under such false clai­ms that America inva­ded Iraq and overthr­ew Sadam Hussein.
Having splashed Iran with tar, Trump dem­anded the abrogation of the Iran Nuclear Agreement. He claim­ed: “that deal is an embarrassment to the United States, and I don’t think you’ve heard the last of it, believe me.”
Trump’s lack of seri­ousness can be glean­ed  from his speech which sought internation­al consensus  to deal with North Korea over nuclear we­apons, and in another breathe repudiates the  international agreem­ent with Iran endors­ed by most countries of the world, over the same nuclear iss­ue.  This is not surprisi­ng since he is doing same with the Paris Climate Change Agre­ement endorsed by the rest of the world.
Trump added the comi­cal; he claimed “We are guided by outcom­es, not ideology.” Giving the impression ideology is unimpor­tant. Then proceeds to attack countries that do not practice the capitalist ideo­logy of the US. In this Cold War mind fr­ame, he  denounced  Venezuela, China, Cu­ba  and Russia (Successor country to the Sov­iet Union) claiming: “ wherever true soc­ialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered angui­sh and devastation and failure.” It is truly difficult to decide who is more a statesman and less dangerous to wo­rld peace; Kim Jong Un of North Korea wh­om Trump called the “Rocket man”  or Hurricane Trump.

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