2019: Buhari, Campaign Funding and Our Collective Hypocrisy

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By Samuel Ajayi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) By December 2014, I had concluded that Mohammadu Buhari could NEVER fight corruption. I also knew that it would be a grand cover for his administrative inadequacies. However, my personal pain was that we refused to ask the right questions then and do some interrogation.

During the APC convention in Lagos, a delegate was being offered at least $5000 to vote for this “Bastion of integrity” against Atiku. It was so brazen that PUNCH’s front page caption the following morning was: Dollar Rain at APC Presidential Convention”.

Yet, we still had the illusion that someone was coming to clear the Augean stable created by the loathsome PDP.

During the campaign proper, we focused ONLY on Jonathan campaign funding; pretending as if Buhari’s own campaign funds were being sent down from the heavens. Same people who were shouting corruption, corruption saw it as being CRIMINAL to steal public money in Abuja to fund PDP campaign, but PATRIOTIC ACT to steal public money in Rivers, Ekiti, Lagos and Kwara States (to mention a few) to fund APC campaign. To them, public money in Abuja is different from public money in Ekiti.

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Anyone who has been following this wall since 2014 will attest to the fact that I raised, VEHEMENTLY, the issue of our double standards in our definition of corruption as far as campaign funding is concerned. We simply CRUCIFY some and DEIFY others.

Therefore, when Buhari became president, same sacred cow tradition that started right from the time of Obasanjo continued: when you belong to the ruling party and close to Aso Rock, EFCC dare not come near you! And when you are in power, public funds always come handy during campaign.

In another FOURTEEN months (February 2019), Nigerians will go to the polls again. If we really want to fight corruption and institute a culture of respect for public funds, let’s force political parties to disclose how they are going to fund their campaigns.

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Unfortunate, as it did in 2015, our emotions will always take over: vilifying some, praising others. Yet, all are of same ilk!

And there lies the tragedy of a nation at MORAL WAR with itself!

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