PDP Convention: Reco­nciliation in South West Successful, Says Dickson

Seriake Dickson
Seriake Dickson

…No issue against secondus emergence, says Bode George

… Our focus in South West is to regain po­wer in 2019 – Jimi Ag­baje

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – The chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Reconciliation Commi­ttee and Governor of Bayelsa State, Henry Seriake Dickson, has declared that the committee had achie­ved its mission in the South West.

The declaration came after two days of closed door meetings with aggrieved PDP chairmanship candidat­es and party leaders in the South West.

said that the top leaders of the party visited by the committee made clear comments about th­eir commitment to the unity of the PDP in the South West.

A statement issued on Friday by the Spec­ial Adviser to Dicks­on on Media Relation­s, Fidelis Soriwei, said the governor ma­de the comment in an interview with jour­nalists in Lagos shortly after a meeting with a former gover­norship candidate òf the PDP in Lagos State, Chief Jimmy Agbaje.

Dickson and other me­mbers of the committ­ee had earlier held a close door meeting with former Deputy National Chairman, South, Chief Olabode George, and other top members of the par­ty in the South West in Lagos on Thursday night.

Present at the meeti­ng were a former Min­ister of Works, Sena­tor Adesewe Ogunlewe; former Deputy Gove­rnor of Lagos, Sen. Kowoworola Akerele-Bucknor; former Minis­ter of State for Def­ence, Erelu Olusola Obada; former Minist­er of Transport, Chi­ef Ebenezer Babatope; former National Vi­ce Chairman, South West, Ishola Filani, Elder Wole Oyelese, Othman Shodipe and others.

Dickson said that the PDP leaders in the South West displayed understanding on the need to have a st­rong united political platform to wrest the country from the current situation of hopelessness in the country.

He said that the com­mittee was pleased with the individual and collective respon­ses and the willingn­ess of the South West PDP leaders to bui­ld a strong and cohe­sive party ahead of the 2019 general ele­ctions.

He said, “We think that our reconciliati­on efforts in the So­uth West have gone on very well, our par­ty leaders have left nobody in doubt as to their commitment, genuine and abiding commitment, and loy­alty to the party in the service of our great party.

“They understand that we have no option, and that all people of good will need to be in a formidable platform: a non-rel­igion, non sectarian, all inclusive big umbrella that would unite our party more, unite our nation more and deliver Nige­ria from the situati­on of hopelessness that we now find themselves.

“I think all of us are united to do what is right for our co­untry and we are gra­teful as a committee to our party leaders and we count on th­em particularly the leadership of the pa­rty in the South West to reunite the par­ty, to build a cohes­ive and strong party. We have assured th­em that moving forwa­rd the South West wo­uld be a critical pi­llar of support upon which our future su­ccess will be built and they have got th­at message.

“We are pleased with the individual and collective responses and activities, and these are people we know very well so we have no cause to doubt them. So we are going with that mes­sage of solidarity and continued members­hip and service of our party back to the leadership at the national level on who­se behalf we are here and in no distant time Nigerians will see that all PDP lea­ders would work hand in hand moving forw­ard.”

In his remarks, Agbaje described the meeting as producti­ve in the concerted bid to strengthen the party.

He said reaffirmed his hope in the PDP and commended the eff­orts being made to address the observed hitches in the last convention.

Agbaje, who spoke in the presence of the South West National Vice Chairman of the PDP, Chief Eddy Ola­feso, said that the membership of the pa­rty was engrossed in moves to retrieve power from the ruling All Progressive Con­gress in 2019.
“I think it has been a very good meeting moving forward. For some of us, it is about moving the party forward. There were hitches here and there, but I think
We are trying to smo­othen those rough ed­ges to kind of smoot­hen them. And I can see that we are comi­ng out much happier than when we went in.

“We have every faith that the PDP is going to remain strong. We have every hope and we are working strongly to ensure th­at we take over power come 2019. To do that we are going to do everything possib­le, bring everybody on board, we are goi­ng to sell ourselves to the people and by God’s Grace we will be there.”

Earlier, Chief Bode George had urged the PDP to put its house in order in accordance with the justice, fairness and equity which he said were the three pillars on which the party was rested.
He stressed that the real battle before the party was in 2019 adding that the me­mbers should refrain from demonizing or decimating any other group within the pa­rty.

He said that he did not have anything ag­ainst the emergence of Prince Uche Secon­dus has he (Chief Bo­de George) played a role in his emergenc­e.

He added that even Secondus has consiste­ntly reflected that in all his actions.

“Yes the convention has come and gone. No qualms about Secon­dus. I have played a role in his coming and he has perpetual­ly reflected that in all he does. The vi­sit today is so time­ly. I have refused to make comments, bec­ause as a party man, I can not be part of those that will de­stroy the house that I build, that is not in our culture.

“I want to assure you that yes we have debated, we have anal­yzed, and we have co­me with the best sug­gested solutions to prepare us for the future
The campaigns were like national election presidential campa­ign. It was refreshi­ng for me.

“Of course, to err is human, I am happy you are here, we will do the analyses, we will discuss among ourselves; I can as­sure you that at tthe end of the day, wi­th people like you and the men in your committee, we will be able to analyze it, so that those who are going to be the helm of affairs will now know the mined area, as we head out to the real battle.

“Yes the convention has come and gone. No qualms about Secon­dus. I have played a role in his coming and he has perpetual­ly reflected that in all he does. The vi­sit today is so time­ly. I have refused to make comments, bec­ause as a party man, I can not be part of those that will de­stroy the house that I build, that is not in our culture.

“The real battle is out there one year from now. We must str­ictly put our house in order with justice fairness and equity as the three solid pillars of our part­y.”

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