Boko Haram: Between Politicking Of The Past And Present Reality Of Shame

By Samuel Ajayo

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Even if he or her position eloquently resonates with mine, I know when a politician is plying his trade: CHEAP POLITICKING! 

In our recent past, I know a couple of friends here, highly educated, but because they were so sucked into the then Jonathan-is-a-disaster narrative actually agreed with Lai Mohammed that banning Boko Haram was UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Yes, they did! To them, a group that had killed thousands in most gruesome manners should be officially recognised by government. 
Mohammed was playing politics, our educated friends bought into it! 
Some times in July 2014, Tinubu and his APC screamed to high heavens when Jonathan asked for $1b to buy arms to fight Boko Haram. Yet, many of their followers said they were right. 
Tinubu was playing politics, our educated friends bought into it! 
In the build-up to 2015, nothing was too much to play politics with. Including our lives. 
Fast-forward to 2017. A Boko Haram that has been “reduced to few local governments” needs $1b to be tackled. Note these:
* This is a group our current Minister of Information once said was wrong to be banned. Later, he said they have been “technically defeated”.
* This same group our current president once defended that they were fighting for their rights. 
* Same Buhari once threatened that “any attack against Boko Haram is attack against the North”. (So he is going to fight his “own people” now?) 
* This is a group our APC once defended vehemently as being caused as a result of hunger and joblessness occasioned by Jonathan’s incompetent leadership. In other words, they were not a terrorist group. At least, then! 
But today, we need $1b to fight same group they once defended. 
I know that there is Someone. He does not play politics. We will give account to Him one day in Afterlife. 
Hell will need to build new apartments!

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