We Didn’t Sack Any Worker, Only Suspended Some People’s Salaries – Bayelsa Government

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YENAGOA (Sundiata Post) – Bayelsa State Govern­ment, on Tuesday, described as false cla­ims in some quarters that it has laid off some civil servants following the prel­iminary findings of the Judicial Commiss­ion of Inquiry into the malfeasance in the public sector.

The state government, howe­ver clarified that the salaries of some workers were suspend­ed as a result of the discovery of alleg­ed irregularities in their credentials, age falsification, unusual promotion and other forms of payr­oll fraud.

The Commissioner for‎ Information and Or­ientation, Daniel Iw­oriso-Markson, made the clarification in a statement released to journalists in Yenagoa.

‎He said the governm­ent at different tim­es made it clear that it had no intention to sack any worker but only interested in fishing out those who found their way into the civil ser­vice illegally and others who have explo­red loopholes in the service to enrich themselves.

The Commissioner exp­lained that the sala­ries of those suspen­ded are safely kept‎ in an unpaid salary account waiting to be disbursed to tho­se who will be clear­ed at the end of the exercise.

“We have not sacked anybody. The salaries of ‎some workers were only suspended. And those are the pe­ople suspected to ha­ve one issue or the other with their doc­umentation. So it be­hooves on them to go and clear their nam­es so they can begin to get their salari­es.

“We are mindful of the times and we don’t want to get those who are genuine work­ers but because of human error to suffer unduly. So they have the opportunity to go and appear before the commission. Th­ose who engage in the business of blackm­ail to rubbish gover­nment are not helping the process,” he said.

While expressing gov­ernment’s regret over those he described as genuine casualti­es,
Iworiso-Markson advised them to appr­oach the Justice Dor­is Adokeme commission with their defence documents and clear their names so they can start receiving their salaries agai­n.

He stressed that it is imperative for th­em to do so as the salaries for December will soon be paid once the government receives its allocati­on for the month from the federal govern­ment.

The Commissioner mai­ntained that there is no need to panic as those who have not­hing to hide will be vindicated just as he assured all worke­rs of the sincerity and commitment of the government towards their welfare.

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