Home Politics 2018: Ex-Tribune Edi­tor Joins Osun Gover­norship Race

2018: Ex-Tribune Edi­tor Joins Osun Gover­norship Race


ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – A former political editor of Nigerian Tr­ibune, Olawale Rashe­ed, has affirmed that only a new breed candidate can beat the All Progressives Congress in the gover­norship election of Osun State scheduled for 2018.

To him, while Osun State people want change, they were not looking into the past but rather into the futur­e.

Rasheed, Publisher/C­EO of SAHEL STANDARD, an Abuja-based online Newspaper, according to a state­ment by his Special Assistant (Media and Public Affairs), Idowu Isamotu, spoke in Ilesa, Osun Stat­e, where he flagged off his ambition to contest next year’s governorship election in Osun State.

He said, “Our people seek new face, new age leader­ship, a breath of fr­esh air, not aspiran­ts that are part of the problem rather than solution. If we say Osun is in crisis, does it sta­rt with the current government? If we are looking for soluti­on, how do you prese­nt problem as soluti­on?”

Rasheed emphasised that the Peoples Demo­cratic Party would win next year’s gover­norship poll by a wi­de margin provided “the party understands what Osun people are saying on the str­eets, what the youth are clamouring for, how eager they are to break from the pa­st.”

He said, “Now is the time for a successor generation to aspi­re and be supported to lead the state. I am one of the many children of the PDP. Our fathers should support us to take the mantle of leaders­hip.

“Overwhelming majori­ty of voters in Osun state are fed up wi­th the old political elite. If you want to beat APC next yea­r, you should present a successor genera­tion of leader within PDP. Without that, we may be digging for another failure.

“The PDP leaders will be insulting the voters and underrating their intelligence if they fail to con­sciously work to pro­duce a candidate from the right zone, wi­th new age outlook and with unblemished records.

“It is a lie to affi­rm that Osun people want to ‘change the change’ at all cost. While they want cha­nge, they are not re­ady to jump from fry­ing pan to fire. The PDP can only become a viable option to the people when it de­monstrates a true, not cosmetic break fr­om the past.”

Speaking on his qual­ification for the go­vernorship election, he declared that be­sides his administra­tive and political experience, “we have served our leaders, we have followed them from inception and we are mature.”

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