2015 and The Loss Of Cautious Optimism

By Samuel Ajayi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) 2015 will always be referred to even after 2019. We must constantly remind ourselves how we got here.

I know many of those who supported Buhari then who are utterly disappointed but are whining in silence. I can even mention names. I have interacted with them severally. They are reading this.

Someone asked me why couldn’t they raise their voices against what is going on. And I responded that every human being has what I called “a strand of shame”. They will never come out to condemn anything. Only few could. And who are these few? Those who supported Buhari out of PRINCIPLE and not guided by EMOTIONS.

And they are really very few.

I still repeat: NO ONE SHOULD BE DEMONISED FOR MAKING HIS DEMOCRATIC CHOICE. But the problem of 2015 was the WAY some of my brothers and sisters went about it. Let me remind you:

* Many ‘lost’ friends and acquaintances that predated Buhari and Facebook all because of politics. The moment you didn’t support Buhari you were a sell-out to them! You became instant enemy.

* Many made enemies simply because he or she was promoting Buhari. To them, there was no middle ground.

* Whenever you wrote anything positive about Jonathan, you were PAID to do so. It was only Buhari supporters that were doing patriotic duties.

* Some elevated a simple political contest (which I mentioned many times then) into a battle between GOOD and BAD. I don’t need to remind you what was good to them and what was bad.

* Any monarch who supported Jonathan was given dollars. But Awujale of Ijebu who facilitated a meeting between APC leaders and Obasanjo was doing community service.

* Many threw caution into the winds in the expectations from Buhari. Whenever you said certain things were simply not possible, they would tell you it was because of the fact that PDP was stealing and that the then president was “clueless”.

It was a moment when many lost what I would call CAUTIOUS OPTIMISM.

The expectations were simply too high. Any voice of reason and caution was “paid” for. Today, they have realised the essence of that ageless axiomatic expression:

“Not all that glitters is gold!”

Source: Facebook