Why Nigeria Must Ditch Both APC and PDP in 2019

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By Abdul Mahmud

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Talking 2019, it shouldn’t be all about talk, but about the key things we should do, choices we should make and paths- taken and not taken- we should walk. 2019 should be about walking the talk.

For me, this year is about engagement, about disruptive thinking – thinking the unthinkable . I shall walk my talk in 2018, exploring opportunities that provide me an understanding of where my country should be, far removed from the clutches of geriatric dilettantes and their page boys who have held our country down for half-a-century. I do not intend to walk the walk and talk the talk of those who see the salvation of our country in the rotted serums of two chaotic parties that are as chaotic their politics and the country they have left prostrate for its poor citizens. There will be no talk about PDP, APC or about old men who, only fit for the Old Peoples Home, parade themselves as the presidential future of our country. Hello!

379 days may be too short a time to change the course of history, the future of a people; but there is no factor in time that measures the timeliness of change. Action is, so we must begin to act.
If we must change our country, we must begin to rethink what is possible in 379 days, and what is doable. We have the past as a handle and the present as the monocle for envisioning the future. For me the future lies in our disruptive power to rethink our ability to effect real change, and to redirect the course of progress of our country.

Time is running. Later will be late.

I have made the choice to be partisan in my walk in 2018.

I have made the choice to identify with a small party or an alliance of smaller parties.

I have made my choice to be disruptive in my thinking, knowing that we need a new identity politics, a new face that will give hope, blood, water and life to our collective aspirations.

Our Macron is possible in 2019;

Our Weah is possible in 2019;

A New Nigeria is possible in 2019.

Call all of this idealism. Thank you. It is idealism that changes the world. Thank you, as well.

What are your plans for our country, come 2019.

Comments please. No Buhari, Atiku, APC and PDP, please!

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