Herdsmen Killings Can Be Dealth With, But Not By Buhari

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By Samuel Ajayi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) * Don Waney was smoked out within days. Even trailing him to Enugu State to finish him and no henchmen off.

* 347 members of Shi’ite Muslims were killed and leader in jail. They were accused of endangering the life of the Chief of Army Staff and that if Kaduna people.

* Badoo Cult leader was arrested. That cult really got me scared when they had their reign. But policed reined in their henchmen.

* Operation Python Dance “took care” of Nnamdi Kanu and family to the extent we are asking for their whereabouts till today.

* Superior intelligence efforts were deployed to get Evans the kidnapper. He started singing like a canary.

If our security agencies want to deal with any security issue when their hands are not tied by OFFICIAL INTERFERENCE, they will work and you will be impressed.

That is why not even an apprentice herd boy will be arrested for the gruesome killings. Take my words.

You need not be a seer to know that there is official shielding for these guys. It is not accident that their activities peaked after Buhari became president. The brazenness of their nefarious activities should tell you something. No one does that if he or she doesn’t believe he or she will get away with them.

If another president comes in today who places national security beyond his ethnic and religious allegiances, the menace of herdsmen will become history. Within months.

However, under this current president, it can only get worse. We better brace up.

Mark my words.

Source: Facebook

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