Donald Trump’s ‘Shithole Countries’ Comments and The Hard Truth

By Immanuel Ibe-Anyanwu

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) ​“Shithole countries,” says Donald Trump, referring to African and some other “Third-World” countries—and we kick. Watching global news many times, I feel ashamed of Africa. Except we want to deceive ourselves, or believe our own fiction of a glorious continent, we all must have private moments when we scratch our eyelids over our outing in the world’s work.
I am not proud of Africa. I am proud only of good, illustrious Africans straining to put us in the global map of achievements. Of fellow black men and the women toiling in honest, even lowly pursuits, choosing enterprise over ineptitude. I am scandalized by what goes for African political leadership, a nest of mindless atavists shameless about the obscenity of their work. Of course we at the bottom bear the brunt. They pass through foreign immigration with minimal embarrassment, while we submit ourselves to invasive inspections. 
Africa is not an absolute good to be proud of. It is an idea whose reputation depends on content, on the quality of its own argument in the global marketplace of thought. Being an ideological rather than a moral landscape, the global terrain responds mainly to arguments couched in the form of mights—military, economic, industrial, developmental mights. Winning the argument it is not the forte of subtle emotional blackmail, one that demands the equality of all nations without noting the inequality of responsibility in the drive for modern human civilization. That is sad but it’s the reality. From the West to Asia, the Arab world to the Caribbeans, the African is treated with blatant contempt. It’s not just about Trump.

Source: Facebook