How Buhari’s Appointments Reflect His Fulani and Northern Bias 

By Samuel Ajayi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) “With Alhaji Ahmed Abubakar’s appointment as the DG of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), the navy now remains the only security service not headed by a northerner (and for those who don’t know, chief of defence staff heads no service). Could it be that President Buhari can’t find any northerner yet to lead the navy? Even the major paramilitary services, which used to be manned by middle-belters for regional balancing, are now headed by the “core north”. I think this is a record. I’m not aware of any other time in our history when security has been so northernised. As someone who supports “balancing” because of our delicate national make-up, I’m scandalised. Insensitive.”
– Simon Kolawole, THISDAY, Sunday 14 January, 2018.
My Take:

For me, I have always known that Buhari sees himself as Fulani and a Northerner before seeing himself as a Nigerian. This is one bitter truth that many of his remaining supporters in the South (who boast they would vote for him even if things are worse than this) do not want to accept. They are consumed by EMOTIONS. 
I know them. I read some of them and I just shake my head. Someone even said she would campaign for Buhari more than she did in 2011 and 2015. Best of luck. 
If they want to know how ‘good’ Nigeria has become under their god, let them go to any ministry or parastatal in Abuja and seek for any government intervention. As they are doing that, let a northerner come in and seek same intervention. By then, they will know Nigeria under Buhari is not the same as Nigeria under Jonathan. 
Trump called some countries shithole, some people are having headache. By his actions, what is Buhari calling certain parts of the country?

Source: Facebook