Buhari’s Gag on Social Media Is a Sign of Delusion

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By Samuel Ajayi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Do you want to know when a government has totally lost it? I will tell you. 
The social media played a major role, if not the biggest role, in bringing you to power. You paid influencers and created hundreds of Buhari Support WhatsApp and Facebook Groups. Just to sell your lies and deceive the gullible. And which, I must admit, you achieved to a devastatingly ruthless effect. 

Thirty-two months later, when the heat is becoming unbearable and you have become a living proof of that ageless axiom: he who feels it knows it, you announced that you would start monitoring the Facebook posts of “notable Nigerians” (the ‘notable’ is a gimmick. You actually had every Nigerian on Facebook in mind, especially those against you).
It is a sign that the hen is on a return journey home to roost. 
I am currently in Abuja typing this. You wanna know the hotel I am? I will oblige you. 
In the eyes of a hopeless drunkard, urine can easily pass for a lager beer ready to be gulped. A dip will later become a ruthless experiential reminder of how low he has fallen.  
Therefore, in the estimation of a government  desperately searching to enforce its authority, this post is a hate speech. 
If you have mirror that has not seen better days at home, look into it. Your problem will be glad to stare you in the face.  
Bunch of low minds…

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