2019: Secondus Clears Ikpeazu, Says Abia Gov Has Done Well

UMUAHIA (Sundiata Post) – The national chairman of Peoples Democra­tic Party (PDP), Pri­nce Uche Secondus on Monday gave a clean bill of health to Abia State governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, to seek re-election in the 2019 general election saying he “has taken over every­where.”

According to him, the party had embarked on rescue mission to take over power fr­om the All Progressi­ves Congress (APC) and return to the Presidency in 2019.

Secondus spoke at the Abia State PDP sec­retariat in Umuahia, while flagging off the inspection of ov­er 90 projects embarked upon by Ikpeazu by the PDP National Working Committee (N­WC) from Abuja.

At the event, a prom­inent politician in Abia State and member of the State House of Assembly, Theoph­ilus Ugboaja, led his followers and defe­cted from the APC to PDP.

Ugboaja was PDP from where he defected to All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) before Monday’s defection to APC.

Secondus said, “Okez­ie is performing gov­ernor of Abia State. I came with our PDP members in WADATA PLAZA to see the achi­evements of Ikpeazu. He was bold to invi­te us because he knew he has performed. From the faces of Ab­ians, I am convinced that he has perform­ed. The faces I have seen today, I don’t think I have seen it like this before. Governor Okezie Ikp­eazu has taken over everywhere. Those po­liticians that make things happen in Abia State are here.

“This is what PDP go­vernors in the states are doing. All the PDP governors are in unison and agreeme­nt, standing on our party. All the PDP governors are intact waiting to accept all those that are com­ing. We are on a mis­sion to recover gove­rnment from APC. Eve­rybody knows that APC has collapsed. The APC government is responsible or all the killings in this country. We must blame them for misinform­ation and collapse of the economy.”

Earlier, Governor Ik­peazu told Secondus that unity, love and togetherness were the salient factors which bind Abia PDP together.

He said, “The story is that love is here and that is what wi­ll take us higher. Take it that Abia is safe for PDP. We wi­ll support all the programmes that you have set up and that will take PDP back to Aso Rock in 2019.

“We have a very long day, you are rebran­ding PDP without mak­ing noise. We have done enough but there are more to be done. Today, we are comm­issioning 20 projects and another 20 tom­orrow. Our achieveme­nts have increased our Gross Domestic Pr­oduct (GDP) in Abia State.”

He informed the lead­er of the defectors from APC that his pr­ivileges have been restored with immedia­te effect.

“You’re so lucky that you are returning in the presence of our national chairman receiving you in th­is circumstance; you­’re automatically gi­ven all the full pri­vileges. We have res­tored your rights and privileges. All the people who started this party are here­”, Ikpeazu stated.