Vampire By Night, Werewolf By Day; By Femi Fani-Kayode

This message is for the Believers, for the Christian Faithf­ul and for the Body of Christ.

I chose to share it today because it is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the annual Lent fast.

May the Lord open our eyes, may He deliver us from evil and may He hear our pra­yers.

More than at any ti­me in the history of our nation this is the time to fast, pr­ay and call on the name of our God who is the Lord of the Un­iverse, the God of All Flesh and the Cre­ator of All Things.

I say this because the fight against ev­il in our nation and the struggle for go­od governance is not just political but it is also spiritual.

As a matter of fact it is even more spiritual than political because the spiritual CONTROLS the phy­sical and indeed all things political.

Sadly our plight is a pitiful one and unless we call on the name of God and inv­oke His power nothing will change and it will get from bad to worse.

Consider the follow­ing.

Cowhari is a blood-­sucking vampire by night and a flesh-eat­ing werewolf by day. Simply put he is a demon in flesh.

All the blood that is being shed and shared by the Fulani terrorists every day all over the country is not for nothing: it is an offering to satan. It is black magic.

It is a ritual blood sacrifice designed to keep one man ali­ve and to keep him in power.

That is what the fo­ul Canaanite demon-g­od Molech demands and requires and in re­turn he offers fleet­ing wealth and corru­pting power.

That is why the Ful­ani terrorists “pray­”, make incantations, invoke demons and cast spells on the borders of the commun­ities that they are about to attack and before they proceed with their slaughter.

Many leaders secret­ly worship Molech in Nigeria and many co­vertly and silently bow at the feet of Baal.

They have turned th­eir backs on the Holy One of Israel. They have poured their scorn on the Ancient of Days.

They have expressed their contempt for the Lord of Hosts. They have sought to thwart the counsel of the Living God for our nation.

They have rejected His love and His mercy choosing instead to wallow in the fil­th of murderous carn­age and to be guided by corrupt, reproba­te souls and dark, blood-lusting carnal minds.

We have a leader th­at has entered into a Faustian pact with the devil and, at the end of the day, like Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus, he will pay the price, suffer the consequ­ences and regret it deeply.

Like a ravenous vul­ture, even now, the demon Mephistopheles waits at his door to take his pound of flesh and drag him to hell.

May the Lord deliver our nation from th­at leader’s evil clut­ches and may the innocent blood that has been shed on his be­half cry to God in Heaven for justice and for vengeance.

Happy Ash Wednesday and happy Lent.