Nigeria and The Mediocre ‘Achievement’ Called ‘Road Commissioning’ By Immanuel Ibe Anyanwu

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) So we have this shameful altercation between Lalung and Dalong, Governor and Minister of Sports respectively, both from Plateau State. Visiting the state, President Buhari had “commissioned” a bridge which, according to the minister, was built by Goodluck Jonathan. Unaware Buhari had been misled to that appropriation by the governor, says Dalung.

A bridge, in other words, a road. Roads are nothing, except in insane, pathetic nations. Roads occupy the bottom of civilization, achieved without a puff by the ancestors of serious nations. Animals build roads, little roads that serve their own mobility and economic designs—without fanfare of course. Roads! Nobody “commissions” roads anywhere among decent nations in 2018. At nearly 60 years of self-governance, sensible leadership would ordinarily build roads quietly and with utmost modesty, in order not to alert the world that we are still trying to cut tarred paths on the ground—not subways, not automated bridges. Sensible leadership, that is.

And look at that vain, empty coinage—“commission”. Grand, noisy, foolish. Grammatically wrong, it was looted from decent vocabulary to serve the vanity of Nigerian pompous officialdom. “Commission” has nothing to do with roads.

In 2018, two Nigerian leaders are fighting on top of shit. 100 years from now, we will still be building roads because, a year from now, that contested road will have gone bad while a thousand others are yet awaiting their turns at construction. 100 years from now, we will still be putting colourful tapes around “Round-Abouts”, clicking cameras to capture the pathetic smiles of dystopian leadership. 100 years from now, someone will call our children “Shithole” dwellers—and they will kick!

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