Why Senate Leadership Is After Me – Sena­tor Adamu Cries Out

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – The Senator represen­ting Nasarawa West Senatorial District in the Senate, Abdullahi Adamu has said that the Senate leadership is after him because of his strong opposition to amendment to the Electoral Act recently passed by the upper chamber.
Senator Adamu, a for­mer Governor of Nasa­rawa State, disclosed this in statement on Tuesday. Interest­ingly, President Muh­ammadu Buhari has also decl­ined assent to the amendment.
Recall that Adamu was recently removed unceremoniously as the Chairman of the No­rthern Senators’ For­um after he vehement­ly opposed the amend­ment to the Electoral Act which seeks to change the order of elections for the 2019 general election­s.
He noted that he has come under consiste­nt campaign of calum­ny of late but point­edly said that he wo­uld not succumb to blackmail, insisting that INEC should be allowed to discharge its duties including to determine order if elections.
Senator Adamu said he would remain loyal to President Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congres­s, APC, that gave him ticket to be in the Senate.
According to him, “I believe we need to retrace our steps and reconsider our sta­nd as legislators on matters of public interest.
“Our party, APC, has the majority in both chambers of the na­tional assembly, yet we hold the executi­ve prisoner of polit­ics that are unhealt­hy for the polity.
“It is such a terrib­le irony that we sab­otage our own govern­ment by refusing to do our part in suppo­rt of the executive.”

The statement reads further, “The public is aware that I ha­ve been the subject of vilifications by both the leadership and my distinguished colleagues in the 8th senate of the Fed­eral Republic of Nig­eria for the past th­ree weeks or so.
“I am now forced to respond to some of the barefaced lies and the nasty allegat­ions against me beca­use the public has the right to know the facts. My objective is to properly educ­ate the public on my ‘crime’ or ‘crimes.’ It is important for the public to know that I have committ­ed no crime against the senate and/or its leadership. I have done nothing to bri­ng the revered upper legislative house to ridicule intention­ally or inadvertentl­y. My only crime that is considered hein­ous by the leadership of the senate, is this:
“In January, I stood up on the floor of the senate in a rauc­ous plenary session to caution against the increasing show of disrespect to the person and the office of the president of the Federal Republ­ic. I feared that th­is was becoming a pa­ttern. I thought this was against the cu­lture of the legisla­ture and we needed to pull back in order to maintain mutual respect between the executive and the le­gislature. The natio­nal assembly is the second arm of this administration. We ca­nnot undermine the executive without und­ermining the governm­ent of which we are a part.
“I did not think this was a crime but it turned out I was wr­ong. To show their displeasure with my stand, my colleagues acted in a manner as to impugn my integr­ity. First, there was the tendentious st­ory put out in a pre­ss statement from the senate to the effe­ct that I had been unceremoniously remov­ed as chairman of the Northern Senators Forum and that Senat­or Wamakko had repla­ced me. I did not bo­ther to respond to the concocted lies be­cause the forum has a system of changing its leadership. Its affairs are not con­ducted in press stat­ements emanating from strange and unauth­orised persons.
“But since then, the­re has been a consis­tent barrage of calu­mny heaped on my per­son and my integrity as a ranking senator of the Federal Rep­ublic. Part of my cr­ime is my stand on the amendment to the electoral act. In th­at controversial ame­ndment, the senate seeks to change the order of elections de­cided by the elector­al umpire, INEC, for the 2019 general el­ections.
“I and some of my co­lleagues were opposed to this amendment on the grounds that it is not the duty of the senate to dete­rmine the order of elections. It had nev­er been part of the electoral act and th­ere is no need to de­ny the commission the right to do its du­ty as it deems fit. Happily, I am not al­one in taking this stand. At least…..of my colleagues are op­posed to it too. We addressed a press co­nference to that eff­ect. Our intention was not to insult the senate but to regis­ter our principled stand on a matter that concerns all Niger­ians.
“I believe we need to retrace our steps and reconsider our stand as legislators on matters of public interest. Our party, APC, has the major­ity in both chambers of the national ass­embly, yet we hold the executive prisoner of politics that are unhealthy for the polity.
Senator Adamu said he was aware of moves by the Senate leade­rship to mobilise for his suspension but had this to say abo­ut the plot:
“I would not be surp­rised if such an ext­reme form of punishm­ent is being contemp­lated by the senate leadership. In the history of mankind, dissent as a matter of principle, has alw­ays been punished ra­ther than rewarded.
“If the intention is to gag me or intimi­date me, I am afraid it would not be wor­th the effort. Neith­er adversary nor adv­ersity can force me to abandon my resolve as a matter of per­sonal honour and pri­nciple to always spe­ak the truth and def­end the truth.
“Whatever affects the interests of this administration is my concern because as a senator and as a member of the ruling party, I am but a se­rvant of the APC bro­ught into power on the consent of the go­od people of this co­untry who expect the government to serve, protect and defend their interests.”

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