Champions League: A Post Script of Madrid Vs Juve, By Samuel Ajayi

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Real Madrid fan: That was a blatant penalty. He nudged the defender in the back inside the six-yard box. Madrid deserved it.

Barcelona fan: That was daylight robbery. They just wanted to help Madrid remain in the Champions League.

Neutral Soccer Fan: Was it a foul? May be. A penalty? Also may be. Was the referee right to give it? It may be harsh on Juve but perhaps arguably a correct decision. Another referee might overlook it though.

Now, let roles be reversed and Barca was at the benefitting end of such a decision.

Barcelona Fan: It was a clear penalty. The defender clearly fouled the striker.

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Madrid Fan: UEFA always looks for a way to help Barca. They were Platini boys and now the new UEFA boss is trailing same line. Barcelona is a fraud.

Neutral Soccer Fan: Same comment as above.

Postscript: No matter how honest we think we are, our assessment of every situation is always based on our SUBSISTING PREJUDICES! As long as we have emotional attachment to THOSE and WHAT are involved, we can hardly be objective.

It is human

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