Fayemi and The ‘Joker in the Pack’ By Samuel Ajayi

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Dr. Kayode Fayemi must either have a joker in the pack even his party members are not aware of OR he has an over-bloated idea of himself and his worth.

I was in Ekiti between Thursday and yesterday. Coincidentally, Fayemi declared his governorship ambition this last weekend. I was actually in Ekiti for my kid sister’s wedding.

As I usually do, I sounded people on the street out on the chances of each of the contenders for state Government House.

NINE out of TEN persons I spoke to told me point blank that Fayemi was wasting his time. Even those who attended his declaration said they were either paid to attend or due to party loyalty.

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We were at the wedding reception when his convoy drove past my hometown both his party members and neutrals were booing him. One even said that was Mr. Money Waster driving past.

PDP members are even saying they will be happy if APC can pick Fayemi as the standard bearer. They are so confident they would defeat him like they did four years ago.

Many of his political appointees did not attend his declaration. I met one of his former SAs who said he won’t even come to Ado-Ekiti that day not to talk of attending his declaration.

Yet, Fayemi carries on as if only he and his wife will vote for him. He must know something we don’t know.

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