Grandpa Jeremiah Useni’s Guber Ambition and Hopeless Nigeria Youths, By Pius Adesanmi

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Jeremiah Useni, 75, was military Governor in 1984, later Minister and one of the most powerful Nigerians under Abacha, and now a Senator.

He is running for Governor of Plateau state. He’s been part of the problem for too long to have anything to offer other than his ego and the unquenchable arrogance and sense of entitlement of his generation.

Those who will facilitate his ‘capture’ of Government House in Jos by constantly dismissing their own peers were born in the 1980s. They were in diapers when Jerry Useni was Governor of Bendel state. If they were born in the 1990s, they were in diapers when he was Nigeria’s most powerful Federal Minister.

They will clear the path for him in Jos with the sort of knee-jerk dismissals of every alternative we have been hearing.

My favorite is this straw man they keep constructing to knock it down: I cannot consider youth for youth’s sake.

Yeah, right! Like anybody ever made that argument in the first place. We are saying: stop knee-jerk dismissals which prevent you from even considering the possibility of giving these alternatives a look-in and granting them hearing.

To make matters worse, you’d exempt Useni from your scorn. He has “experience”.

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