My Vision for Restructuring Nigerian Society of Engineers  – Engr. Mokuole

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Applauds Buhari for Approving Executive Order 5 and Solicits that NSE be Made the External Evaluating Body

…Promises to Patronize Made in Nigeria Vehicle for NSE Operations


By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post)- Engr. Adekunle Mokuolu has informed that his vision upon assumption of duty as the 31st President of the Nigeria Society of Engineers led to his decision to restructure the society.


According to him, “When I came on board I thought we were over staffed, I also felt there were other things we could use technology to achieve, I checked and found that our overheads were too much our members were not paying subscriptions because of the low level of benefits, out of Forty Five thousand members (45,000) only about six averagely were paying their subscriptions promptly and we had over Ten Million naira as salaries. I felt as an organization we needed to structure our engagements, because no one can plan on the basis of donations.


“I had a meeting with the staff and told them of the need to develop themselves, the NSE was not at per. I started looking at self sufficiency, it would have been worst if I keep 72 staff members and I could not pay them, the resources would deplete no doubt.


“Secondly my allegiance is to the NSE, on the basis of this I addressed the staff and stressed the need to change gear, or else the situation would further deteriorate.

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“In January a data I took revealed startling facts, this prompted me to call on those who will take over from me and I told them “engineering will suffer if you don’t act now”, all I was trying to make them realize was that the load was too heavy for members to carry.


“On this basis, staff members who saw reasons with me were extended grounds to resign, recall that I myself resigned from the Federal Capital Development Authority, FCDA because I didn’t see my well being in that job ( It’s not proper that people remain in an establishment just to occupy space).


“Of cause all these event saw some backlash, some people went to persons higher up to report me, but the result I am getting, may begin to show its fruits in five years, but I am confident that the Nigerian Society of Engineers would be better-off  for it.


“That did not still stop me from encouraging those that were laid off and paid their entitlements promptly, let’s not forget that some of those affected took loans that became bad loans, while some were given various task and even collected money without fulfilling the assignments they were given.


“Nigerians should learn to dignify themselves when it comes to engagements with people, in Ghana if an Engineer is involved any form of malpractice your certificate is withdrawn and you cannot practice anywhere, but in Nigeria we will be doing paddy-paddy, it is not helping us.

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When asked how the local engineers will get the opportunity to take contracts that are hitherto given to foreign engineering companies, Engr. Mokuolu has this to say:


“It takes a lot to train engineers, yet they cannot get jobs.


“It’s not proper for politicians to collect my tax and call on the foreign engineer to come and work here, it makes such projects un-maintainable and very expensive. That’s why I want to thank President Muhammadu Buhari for the Executive Order 5, the NSE has studied the Order and would be requesting that the NSE be made the External Evaluating Body to implement that Order.


“Even as Nigerians we need to change our attitude towards so many things for example, you go to parties and you are given foreign souvenirs, all of that we want to change in the NSE, I want to make sure that here we buy made in Nigeria vehicles for our operation, vehicles from Innoson Motors, that’s the only way we can grow.


“Let me also tell you that the Nigerian Society of Engineers is looking at expanding its frontiers as we are getting set to open our branches in Houston Texas and another in the United Kingdom in the months of April and May. The intension is to harness all our engineers outside the country.

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“The decision to have branches outside the country where we intend to reach out to our engineers is because the NSE realizes that the greatest waste is the waste of human resources.


“We are looking at the possibility of having engineers from Diaspora and those at home come together and bid for a big contract that will be executed locally with one of the engineers supervising, this way the skills gap can be bridged and there could be some transfer of technology.”

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