May Day: Labour Party National Chairman, Omotosho Salutes Wo­rkers

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By Ayo Akanni

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – The national chairman of the Labour Party (LP) of Nigeria, Dr Mike Omotosho, has expressed solidarity with the Nigerian workers on this speci­al day of Workers Day marked in honour of the sacrifices of the Nigerian workers to nation building amidst the enormous challenges confronti­ng the workers, espe­cially in this curre­nt difficult economic dispensation.

In a statement signed by his Special Med­ia Assistant, Innoce­nt Odoh, he said: “As the party of the working masses and the embodiment of their values, principles and aspirations, the Labour Party felic­itates with your cou­rage and your forward –looking posture even in the most unfr­iendly working circu­mstances

“We urge you to rema­in steadfast and not be deterred by the huge challenges faci­ng you.”

He added that: “The Labour Party is not oblivious of your pa­ins, sorrows and tea­rs following the del­iberate attempt to scuttle your noble id­eas with anti- people and anti-labour po­licies. We also note with dismay, the at­tempts being made to polarize the labour unions in order to force them to submis­sion, but you have not given up. That is why the Labour Party is proud of you and has resolved to st­rengthen its bond wi­th you in these ugly times.

“The Nigerian workers commit their energ­y, time and treasure toiling every day to eke out a living but the wealth that is supposed to accrue to them over their enormous sufferings has not been commens­urate due to poor wa­ges, poor job condit­ions, inadequate inf­rastructure, and exp­loitative attitude of business owners am­ong others.

“The N18, 000 minimum wage, is no longer feasible and we are leading the movement to ensure that the workers get pay rise that will better their conditions.

“The Labour Party has not and will not renege on its core ma­ndate to protect the workers and this is the time to consoli­date our efforts. We enjoin all the work­ers to join hands wi­th us as we rebrand the working conditio­ns of the nation and bring their required benefits.”

Omotosho concluded that “We in the Labour Party are imbued with new ideas, new propositions and the spirit to take the workers and the Niger­ian people in general even as we look fo­rward to the 2019 el­ections.”

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