Ekiti 2018: Fayose, Eleka and the Inevitable Banana Peel, By Samuel Ajayi

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Ayo Fayose, the ebullient governor of Ekiti State, is a thoroughbred grassroots politician. Hate him. Like him. Abuse him. But he surely knows how to work the crowd and make them vote for him or his party. This is what most of his critics and those who call him names don’t know.

Let me also add that he micro-manages the PDP in Ekiti State.

And that is why his supporters, aides and those who are rooting for Olusola Eleka, his deputy and PDP flagbearer should thread cautiously and know that not all that glitters is golden in nature.

Eleka is a political neophyte who does not have any structure. I doubt if he could win his street (not even his ward) in Ikere-Ekiti on his own. Coincidentally, my mum’s hometown.

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Meaning: if Eleka wins (which he is likely to), HE WOULD HAVE BECOME GOVERNOR TOTALLY ON THE STRENGTH OF FAYOSE.

And that is where the problem lies.

I am not a prophet of doom but former Governor Fayose and incumbent Governor Eleka’s romance can not last one year. Mark my words. And it would not be down to these two men but their supporters.

Eleka might want to remain loyal to Fayose but the pressure to build his own political structure and fight for second term in his own merit will be very strident. It is expected. If he wants to resist, he will be reminded of one Babatunde Fashola!

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“You are now the sitting governor sir. You cannot always run to Fayose to take instructions,” they will tell him.

“Who is Eleka without Fayose? Could he have won on his own if not for Osoko? He should be grateful and remain loyal or else, he is a goner,” those who are loyal to Fayose will retort back.

And then the battle starts.

On my last trip home, I explained this scenario to a Fayose loyalist and he said Eleka is not someone like that. And then he added:

“It is not every person that will want to be in charge of everything like Fayose. Not every governor will want to control everything like Osoko.”

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I told him he had a good point. But the idea will not come from Eleka himself but those around him and favour seekers.

Political godfathers in Nigeria always want to be in control. Fayose won’t be an exception. He will want to determine who becomes commissioners under Eleka (that’s expected) senators, Reps members and Assembly members in PDP.

These will be Fayose’s loyalists. Eleka will either fall in line and remain a humble school boy or they will make his political life miserable and governance a nightmare. We have seen this happen over and over again.

Therefore, as the sun shines in Ekiti PDP, remember the impending cloudy sky.

It always comes after a very bright sunshine..

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