Democracy Day: What Has Buhari Achieved Sef? By Ugo Egbujo

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You have heard it many times.

What has Buhari done sef? Then, they will guffaw.

Well you can tell them he has built a skyscraper of opportunities in the Presidential Fertilizer Initiative.

Come with me And I will take you through that edifice.

Before Buhari fertilizer was a very scarce commodity. The price was too high for farmers. So the government imported fertilizer and sold to farmers at subsidized rates. Fertlizer made many middle men and government officials billionaires.

What about the farmers? Whoooside.

The government fertilizer always came late. Sometimes it came after the planting season. The federal government allocated the fertilizer to states . But most times allots who were cronies of government officials resold the fertilizer to farmers at crazy prices and licked all the subsidy.

I took part in the corrupt bidding process twice.

That was during the regime of saint Obasanjo. The bidding process was a charade. The subsidy regime was run by a racket instituted by the authorities.

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The rot was stark, in the open. But no one budged. Nigeria had all the raw materials for manufacture of fertilizer except one. But it spent scarce foreign exchange importing fertilizer. And spent billions fattening corrupt politicians and their girl friends.

Buhari came and changed everything. He struck a deal with The king of Morocco. Nigeria was allocated bulk phosphate. The arrival of phosphate catalyzed the immediate resurrection of 12 fertilizer blending plants.

Thousands of Jobs rose from the dead.

But more importantly fertilizer became available to farmers all year round.

Guess what?

The price of NPK fertilizer crashed by 50%. Nigeria retained scarce dollars that would have been wasted on importation.

Did I tell you?

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Another 11 fertilizer plants are being resuscitated. Workers and the families are returning to work and to life.

But there is more. Come to the pent house. Because of the explosion in local production and bagging of fertilizer, the demand for polythene bags hit the roof. Currently, 10 million bags are needed every year. The number will double soon.

You don’t know the effect? It’s humungous .I will tell you.

My friend has struggled with his polyworks company for many years. It was alive but dead. He was folding up. But Buhari came and he came forth, out of the grave, like Lazarus. His company now lives on a small chunk of the 10million bags. He doesn’t like Buhari a lot. But he has told me that his staff will all vote Buhari in 2019.

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I guess they are morons too.

But if you ask the workers of BAGCO they will tell you same story. When they do , they will become morons.

No one can dent this one. It’s huge, stupendous.

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