Vietnam arrests 8 suspects over attack on police station

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Hanoi   –       Police in Ho Chi Minh City have arrested eight suspects accused of involvement in the June bombing of a police station, Deputy Ho Chi Minh City Police Chief Nguyen Minh said on Thursday.

Two explosions at the Ward 12 police station in the Tan Binh district on June 20 injured one police officer and damaged several motorbikes.

“Among those taken in were suspected ringleaders Vu Hoang Nam, 22, who was arrested on Monday, Nguyen Thanh, 28, who was arrested on June 24, as well as Thanh’s father, Nguyen Khanh, 54, Minh told reporters at a news conference.

Thanh, who was caught with 38 detonators, eight home-made bombs and 10 kilograms of TNT in his house, admitted to making the bomb at his father’s urging, while Nam is suspected of throwing the bomb.

Surveillance footage showed two men wearing masks on a motorbike throwing an object into the police station at the time of the attack, the Vnexpress news site reported.

The incident has been described as a “terrorist” plot by the government.

“The suspects are accused of belonging to a U.S.-based dissident group called the “Viet Nguyen Dynasty.

“Khanh was told by the group that he’d receive a promotion from “major general” to “senior colonel” for the attack,’’ the police said.

If convicted on terrorism charges, the three men could face the death penalty.

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