NATO’s ballistic missile defence not directed against Russia – summit declaration

Moscow –  NATO’s Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) is not directed against Russia and will not hamper Moscow’s strategic nuclear deterrent, the alliance said in a declaration following its annual summit on Wednesday.

“NATO BMD is not directed against Russia and will not undermine Russia’s strategic deterrence.

“NATO BMD is intended to defend against potential threats emanating from outside the Euro-Atlantic area.

“We have explained to Russia many times that the BMD system is not capable against Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent and there is no intention to redesign this system to have such a capability in the future,’’ the declaration read.

Moscow’s threats to attack NATO allies because of the NATO BMD capabilities development were unacceptable and counterproductive, the declaration continued.

NATO also expressed its openness to discuss the BMD issue with Russia.

Allies agreed to set up the BMD in 2010, while the defence capability is currently based on assets located in Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

The alliance has been insisting that the BMD is purely defensive.

Russia has been criticising NATO’s military build-up near its borders.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that NATO is aware that Moscow does not plan to attack any of its members.

“However, it uses the alleged Russian aggression as a pretext to deploy more equipment and troops near Russian borders,’’ Lavrov stressed.


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