Yaba LCDA secretary sponsors 180 youths for vocational training

By Egbogota Clara

Lagos –   The Secretary of , Mr Adetayo Oyemade, on Saturday said he would sponsor 180 youths to learn various trades at the and Vocational Edication Centre.

Speaking at a workshop organised by at the council secretariat, Oyemade said that five among the beneficiaries would be awarded scholarship for further education in Canada.

He urged the youths to think highly of themselves as they were the future leaders of the country.

“I know that today’s program is centered on how you can build your carrier in .

“You should know who you are and what you mean to the country, some of you see yourselves as area boys, this mindset has to change.

“Let me remind you of who you are. You are the descendants of kings and queens; royalties and great warriors. You are the generation that Nigeria has been waiting for.

“We should start believing in who we are. Your parents have laboured so that you can be in this position you are today, we expect you to reward them with your success.

“This program is dear to my heart and I am going to monitor your success.

“I pledge to personally give scholarship to 180 students and send the five best students on an exchange program to the university of Ontario, Canada,’’ he said.

The chairman of Yaba Local Government, Mr Kayode Omiyale, urged youths to engage in technical and in view of its huge potential for economic growth, employment and wealth creation.

He said that youths represented the most active sector of the population and the engine room of the country`s productivity.

He urged to explore technical and vocational education as it is a good means of generating income.

“Employment is no longer a project that is left entirely in the hands of governments.

is an investment opportunity where returns are very high if it is properly learnt,’’ he said.

Mr Awoyera Okuremi, Director, Modern Apprenticeship Training Programme (MATP), said that the way forward for the country was through technical and vocational education.

“The real test for positive change is for parents to allow their children take the path of technical and vocational education.

“You should count yourselves fortunate to be in the program. There is no one that is useless, but there are those that have used less of their God given talent,’’ he said.


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